boys will be boys.

February 21st, 2010 , Posted in austin childrens photographer, Austin Family Photographer, Austin Kids Photographer, Austin Xpressions Photography, sneak peek

Give a boy a chair and next thing you know, we’ve got Pinkle Toes X Games going on here. LOVE it! [Not sure if you can see it, but in the top left pic…check out the tongue…cracks me up!]

There is just an incredible amount of interest and texture and unique style on the east side of Austin and we could not have had more beautiful weather. It was so very wonderful to see you guys again, but mostly, it was wonderful just to give you a big hug.

[As with all Xpressions sessions, these images have only received basic edits to enhance contrast, but have otherwise not been retouched. The April 18th Xpressions are booked solid, but we do have 2 openings left for March 21st – The Clawfoot Tub Sessions. I’ve also opened up May 16th where we’re introducing a new concept that I’ll tell you about later. More details on Xpressions HERE.]

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6 inches of mud. drizzle. wet grass. spiders. rushing creek.

February 20th, 2010 , Posted in Austin Engagement Photographer, Austin Family Photographer, sneak peek

Absolutely worth it.

Thanks for braving the elements and wild outdoors today, K. I think we got some fantastic family pictures for you in spite of it all.

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  1. Jen Gentry wrote: Oh! I totally love this - it was worth it :) (02/20/10, 11:47 am)

  2. Ciseren wrote: It is beautiful, I admire your works, keep it! (02/20/10, 12:24 pm)

  3. Kristi wrote: ok so only you could get your clients to lie down in grass that sounds as if might have been sopping wet. mark of a remarkable photographer ;0 (02/20/10, 8:48 pm)

  4. stacy k wrote: All of that and you *still* got them to lay in the grass! You're gooood ;). (02/20/10, 10:28 pm)

  5. jessica marchetti wrote: love it (02/21/10, 11:06 am)

  6. Elle wrote: Beautiful! I love your artistic perspective in your work! (02/22/10, 7:19 pm)

behind the scenes: newborn session

February 17th, 2010 , Posted in Austin Baby Photographer, Austin Newborn Photographer, Random Ramblings, sneak peek

I always think it’s so much fun to see these, so I thought I’d share a little behind the scenes with you.  I try to remember to step back and take pictures of the surroundings, but usually I forget. This time, I happened to catch a glimpse of it in the mirror and thought "ooooh, perfect!" Enjoy, but don’t let it fool you. Newborns aren’t always this peaceful. We were pretty darned lucky with this little angel.

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  1. Katy G wrote: I would love to know which lens and aperture you're using in this's beautiful! (Of course your work always is) :) (02/17/10, 1:23 pm)

  2. Elle wrote: Thanks for sharing! I've never tried using a hair dryer during a session! Works pretty well? (02/17/10, 2:52 pm)

  3. Christa Setterlund wrote: I stumbled upon your blog quite a few months ago and I just love every blog you post! I find that I'm drawn to your images because they are so stimulating and pristine! Lovely, just lovely. (02/17/10, 3:17 pm)

  4. Sabrina wrote: That is so fun! Thanks for sharing! The hair dryer is new to me, too! (02/17/10, 3:18 pm)

  5. Christina wrote: LOVE IT!!! (02/17/10, 4:52 pm)

  6. jolie Molino wrote: Love it and thanks for the set up! (02/17/10, 6:09 pm)

  7. tanya warpula wrote: What a great idea, I never thought to use a hair dryer!! I always use the heating pad on the bean bag and that works wonders too. Love the behind the scenes shot! (02/17/10, 8:07 pm)

  8. Kelli Taylor wrote: Oh my gosh, LOVE THIS! (02/17/10, 8:25 pm)

  9. Stacy wrote: I love it! I'm on my way to a session...I'll have to *try* to remember to do this... (02/18/10, 7:09 am)

  10. nalaki wrote: hi..would love to see a behind the seen video or more photos that would help us (moms wanting to capture those very precious moments)to improve photography.all ur photographs are wonderful!! (02/19/10, 12:01 am)

  11. amy wrote: Boy does that look familiar! The hair dryer during newborn sessions has changed my shooting life! Best $10 I ever spent. :) (02/22/10, 11:03 am)


February 16th, 2010 , Posted in Austin Baby Photographer, austin childrens photographer, Austin Commercial Photographer, Austin Engagement Photographer, Austin Family Photographer, Austin Kids Photographer, Austin Maternity Photographer, Austin Pregnancy Photographer, Austin Senior Portraits, Austin Xpressions Photography

We’ve got one, teeny-tiny little opening left in the morning for our Xpressions sessions, Sunday, February 21st. We are going to be touring some of my favorite spots in trendy East Austin. Think hip, colorful, urban, funky, and fun! If you’ve been thinking about grabbing one of these photo sessions, just do it.

  • Maybe you need engagement pictures or haven’t had your picture taken with your significant other in a looooooooong time?
  • Some hip bridal portraits would be amazing at this location!
  • Maybe you’re expecting a baby and haven’t had maternity pictures done yet?
  • Maybe your baby has just figured out how to sit up on his own?
  • Perhaps your older "baby" is about to lose her first tooth and you need some pictures before it’s too late?
  • Or maybe you’re a graduating senior in Austin need to have your senior portraits made?

Let me know and let’s see if we can get together this Sunday.

[As with all Xpressions sessions, these images have only received basic edits…no retouching or additional enhancements.]

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  1. Tina Vasquez wrote: How did you know that Lindsey has a loose tooth??? I really don't want the baby teeth to go yet! (02/16/10, 10:02 pm)

  2. Michele wrote: Oi. It's terrible isn't it. Tristan just showed me his second loose tooth the other day. Noooooooo! (02/16/10, 10:03 pm)

magic of the night.

February 15th, 2010 , Posted in Austin Commercial Photographer, Austin Engagement Photographer, sneak peek

Lyndsay and I photographed our Helping Hearts session winners tonight. Um, magic…just pure magic. I seriously don’t know how we’re supposed to choose from these images because if Lyndsay got anything close to what I’m looking at here (and I’m sure she did), we’re in trouble. Thank you guys so much for such a great evening. You were simply ADORABLE and it just means the world that you were both totally willing to try any and all of mine and Lyndsay’s hair-brained schemes. Speaking of Lyndsay…


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  1. lyndsay wrote: lol...awesome! I had a BLAST! (02/15/10, 9:58 pm)

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  3. Mariah Milan wrote: Want to see more!!!!! Fun! (02/16/10, 12:06 pm)

  4. stacy k wrote: ha ha! I love it :) (02/16/10, 12:30 pm)

  5. erin wrote: Hahaha! That picture of lyndsay is great! People don't realize how physical sessions can get for the photographer lol! :) You both take amazing shots, just gorgeous. The lights and colors in Austin always amaze me. (02/16/10, 12:52 pm)

  6. Patti Brown wrote: Oh, I love that! Great work. - PB (02/16/10, 1:10 pm)

  7. jodie wrote: we have our first love light session of 2010 next week and i can't wait! these are beautiful! (02/16/10, 8:10 pm)

  8. Amy F wrote: We had such a great had been too long since we had spent an evening absorbed in each other. Who would have thought a photo session would be so romantic. I can't wait to see the rest!!! (02/16/10, 9:16 pm)

  9. alison wrote: beautiful! it looks like everyone involved had a wonderful time :) (02/17/10, 1:13 pm)

  10. Elle wrote: "PHOTOG DOWN!" - I LOVE IT!! :) You both are so inspiring! (02/17/10, 2:57 pm)

  11. Stephanie wrote: Love the night shots....spectacular!! (02/18/10, 8:52 pm)

hers, mine, and ours.

February 15th, 2010 , Posted in Anderson Family - My fam, Austin Engagement Photographer, Austin Family Photographer

You guys know that Lyndsay and I went out with our hubbies several weeks ago to experiment with shooting in the dark. Little did I know that the experiment would teach us much more than how/if we could shoot at night. When Lyndsay and I exchanged links for our pics from that evening, I think we were equally shocked by how *different* our images were from each other. How amazing to see that even with the same equipment and the same locations, some of our takes were similar, but mostly, they were vastly different.

Her take.

My take.

I’ve always thought our styles were similar, but now I’m thinking how cool it is that they’re not that similar after all. Our passion is the same, but it’s our art that makes us unique.

I’m so in love with the pictures Lyndsay took of us! Virgil and I did not hire a wedding photographer when we were married, so it’s such a treat to have such beautiful images of the two of us…10 years later and still very much in love. I have big plans for these pictures, L, but first, I have to build an addition to the house to get more wall space. Thank you soooooooo very much for this adventure and this gift.  Hey, we should work together more often. What are you doing tonight?

(P.S. Thanks again, Katie, for the incredible make-up job!)

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  1. Priscilla Baierlein wrote: You both did an amazing job!!!! I am in love with these images and now dying to do this!!! You two are fabulous! And are a couple of hot mommas. (02/15/10, 10:46 am)

  2. beverly wrote: i love this idea!! so fun!! and it IS fun to see how different your "views" are! :) (02/15/10, 10:51 am)

  3. carri wrote: Two great artist doing their thing. I luv it. (02/15/10, 11:00 am)

  4. michelle nicoloff wrote: These are just fabulous!!!!!! (02/15/10, 11:48 am)

  5. amy wrote: Fascinating to see the difference. It's what makes you both so good - you each have a unique eye and vision. Love both sets. (02/15/10, 12:25 pm)

  6. lyndsay wrote: Oh I love how you did a side by side! Very cool to see! And you know how much I love what you captured of us, I cherish them!! Totally available tonight ;) (02/15/10, 1:05 pm)

  7. Jesseka wrote: Unless you put them side by side, I can't even tell that they are from the same spots!!! I love the different interpretations! Equally stunning! (02/15/10, 3:28 pm)

  8. Scott Stater wrote: These are a lot of fun! (02/15/10, 6:06 pm)

  9. Stacy wrote: first love the shoes...2nd loved both takes...u guys have rockin hubs that's for sure... (02/15/10, 7:48 pm)

  10. sandy wrote: you guys crack me up, love it! (02/16/10, 11:10 am)

  11. Tasha wrote: Amazing shots ladies! I love the different takes on each set. I can see why you need more room Michele! (02/16/10, 6:24 pm)

  12. Jessica - Mia Joie wrote: Love these! It's nice to see some photos of you. You look really beautiful in the slideshow pics. Isn't it funny how people with a love for photography often have no {or in my case terrible} wedding photos. Great shots! (02/17/10, 8:25 am)

  13. Katie Astoria wrote: LOVE both sets of pics!! I feel very blessed to have been able to work with both you and L! The makeup session was a blast and I am looking forward to working on your lovely faces again. Thanks for making me a part of this amazing shoot! (02/17/10, 5:11 pm)

newborn perfection.

February 14th, 2010 , Posted in Austin Baby Photographer, austin childrens photographer, Austin Family Photographer, Austin Kids Photographer, Austin Newborn Photographer

First of all, I want to know how one family could get ALL of the "gorgeousness genes" in the gene pool? Secondly, I’m wondering if that beautiful baby boy ever cries because he sure didn’t the entire time I was there. Finally, how in the world does a mom of a pre-schooler AND a newborn get away with looking *this* amazing??? Not fair, I tell ya. Not fair!

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  1. Erica wrote: These are so amazing! Your work is so inspiring :) (02/14/10, 9:38 pm)

  2. Angela Compton wrote: Good Gosh they are gorgeous! These are spectacular! (02/14/10, 9:52 pm)

  3. mell wrote: Beautiful Michele.... that last photo...TDF! (02/14/10, 9:54 pm)

  4. Meghan Rickard wrote: Love the sister-brother photo! (02/14/10, 10:27 pm)

  5. Kristin Cook wrote: What a gorgeous family and beautiful pics! (02/14/10, 10:44 pm)

  6. Tanzyn wrote: sooo precious! (02/14/10, 11:34 pm)

  7. Lucy wrote: So amazing Michele! And that Mom, wow, she is drop dead gorgeous! (02/15/10, 1:50 am)

  8. Leah Jent wrote: Michele, you are so inspirational. I adore your work! And you're right, this family is TOTALLY gorgeous. (02/15/10, 5:35 am)

  9. Amy C wrote: Wow! I must agree with you - they are gorgeous!!! And these shots are absolutely amazing!! You rock too!! (02/15/10, 7:34 am)

  10. Kelli Taylor wrote: Oh my gosh! The eyes in that family!! (02/15/10, 8:01 am)

  11. stacy k wrote: wowza ~ what a gorgeous family! I love love the way you captured them as a family! (02/15/10, 9:48 am)

  12. Heather Georger wrote: Ahhhmazing!!!! Stunning family and fantabulous photography!!! (02/15/10, 10:10 am)

  13. amy wrote: Look at all of those amazing blue eyes. Love, love, love the sun flare through the window. (02/15/10, 12:26 pm)

  14. Stacy wrote: love. (02/15/10, 7:55 pm)

  15. Liz wrote: amazing!! every single photo is priceless. great work! (02/15/10, 10:12 pm)

  16. Susie wrote: Oh that IS one gorgeous gorgeous family!! Wonderful shoot, M! (02/16/10, 5:07 pm)

  17. robyn wrote: *swoon* This session is incredible (and those suitcases are to die for)! (02/16/10, 10:01 pm)

  18. ashley wrote: Love love love this session, Michele. Totally gorgeous. The flare and play of light and shadow is amazing:) (02/17/10, 8:07 am)

  19. alison wrote: perfect lighting in all of these~amazing, as always! (02/17/10, 1:14 pm)

  20. Johanna wrote: You're not kidding about gorgeous! As always, your images are incredibly beautiful, original, sweet, real and artful. Hope this family has tons of wall space. Nice work Michele. (02/17/10, 1:54 pm)

  21. meredith tichenor wrote: Michele, I am so used to you taking fabulous photos that I almost forgot that your talent can literally TAKE MY BREATH AWAY! I am in love with this photo session, the colors, the sweet family, the lighting... it's positively dreamy! (02/17/10, 8:04 pm)

  22. Minnette wrote: These are all so STUNNING! (02/23/10, 10:59 am)

  23. Jen Davis wrote: Michele, how do you do it over and over? Your work makes me strive strive strive. Thanks for that. Jen (China Jen!) (02/24/10, 5:18 am)

  24. Shlonda Smith wrote: THis is one fabulous family they are beautiful!!! Awesome work! (02/25/10, 7:11 pm)


February 13th, 2010 , Posted in Anderson Family - My fam, Random Ramblings

I came home from my session to the sweetest surprise. While I was away, the boys (+ the girl) went to the store to get some Valentine’s Day treats. I was already a little emotional, but when I realized that my husband bought flowers not only for me, but for baby girl AND my sister, I just couldn’t contain my tears. I was so very touched. My boys did good.

When I was a little girl, when I would ask my mom what she wanted for her birthday, she’d always answer, "I don’t need anything. I have everything I could ever want right here." Back then, I thought she was just being humble. Now I get it. It makes complete sense. Yes. I have everything I could ever want right here.

I hope you are enjoying your own "everything you could ever want."

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  1. Belinda Porter wrote: How sweet, that brought tears to my eyes just reading this. It reminded me of when my baby girl was born my husband bought me and her a boutique of flowers welcoming her into the world. how old are your boys? By the way you take amazing photographs.!!! love your work. (02/14/10, 8:13 am)

  2. Mee Mawe wrote: You made me cry. Actually having grandchildren I realized that I didn't really have "everything" then. I love my life and my entire family. (02/14/10, 10:34 am)

so very tweet.

February 13th, 2010 , Posted in Austin Baby Photographer, Austin Newborn Photographer, sneak peek

I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful this morning was. And how amazing it is to watch good friends transition into parenthood…with such grace. And how special this image is:

Thank you three so much for this session. I know we were all a little bummed with the birth session didn’t work out, but wow, after today, I think we did just fine.  Congrats on your beautiful sweet baby boy!

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  1. Mariah Milan wrote: Very very tweet! Love the colors and light... what a beautiful baby! (02/13/10, 6:48 pm)

  2. kristi wrote: aw, michele.....lovely. (02/13/10, 8:37 pm)

  3. Debbie Narramore wrote: Gran loves the photo! He's gorgeous! (02/14/10, 11:59 am)

Finally! Pic of the Month for January 2010.

February 12th, 2010 , Posted in austin childrens photographer, Austin Commercial Photographer, Austin Family Photographer, Austin Kids Photographer, Pic of the Month - Austin Photographer

Wow! I’ve never had such a hard time deciding like this. Oi! Thanks to everyone for your input.

[What does this mean?]

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  1. Allana wrote: Love this. I would have had a really hard time choosing as well - they were all wonderful. What a fun session! (02/12/10, 2:16 pm)

  2. jessica marchetti wrote: omg this pic is amazing. you wouldn't even have to know this little girl to want to buy this and blow it up for your living room wall. absolutely stunning. (02/21/10, 11:16 am)