I want to do a whole book of nursing images.

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  1. jodie Says:

    Us too! We’re doing a whole nursing mini session at our local breast feeding support group and we’re so excited!

  2. Angie Says:

    This is precious, I too adore these images.

  3. Caitlin Says:


  4. Mrs Soup Says:


  5. Victoria Says:

    *sigh* Michele……………….ugh so beautiful. I left for Paris on Sunday and asked Dan to take pictures of Brandon’s last time nursing…I am 100% sure that pic is nothing like this image. I am still so sad that we never took them, and now its over and it will never happen again. Your work is so moving and gorgeous.

  6. Cassie Says:


  7. Victoria Says:

    For you… :)

  8. KatieE Says:

    LOVE this shot …

  9. Lauren Says:

    Ok Michelle! This is positively the BEST image I’ve seen you take! I have sooo many favs, but this… this makes me speechless. Definitely a candidate for Pinkles Pick of the month ;)

  10. Wanda Says:

    So amazing. I’m currently nursing and wish I had an image like this. Gorgeous.

  11. lilia Says:

    Oh, me too!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that thought!

  12. lilia Says:

    p.s. This is GORGEOUS, girl!!!

  13. Kelli Says:

    This is just beautiful!

  14. Kristen Honeycutt Says:

    Seriously beautiful.
    Thank you so much for capturing such a sweet moment, that is often overlooked.

  15. Mariah Milan Says:

    Beautiful! What a lovely idea. Your nursing images are gorgeous.

  16. Maegan Dougherty Says:

    This is beautiful. Victoria’s comment made me a little teary. And I love the idea of minis at a breastfeeding support group. I only have one nursing shot on my blog. Hope to take more.

  17. Rachel Says:

    Is there anything more natural?
    Here is Australia we have the ABA (Australian Breastfeeding Association) and they release a calendar every year:

  18. Juliann Newton Says:

    This picture made me cry like a baby. Absolutely precious and beautiful.

  19. cierra Says:

    wow… so so beautiful. Great capture!

  20. Julie Says:

    OMG… that is the most BEAUTIFUL picture I have ever seen. I am so moved!!!!

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