A building. A field. A family.

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged their full session yet. Oi! This is a family I’ve known for a couple of years now, but it’s the first time we were able to get the whole crew together. I’m SO glad we did…look at how much fun they are! I also enjoyed re-visiting one of my most favorite buildings in Austin. Something about redheads, too…

6 Responses to “ A building. A field. A family. ”

  1. Candice Says:

    Beautiful photos…as always! Love the red hair against the blue wall. Where in Austin is this building? Would love to share it with my sister who lives there. Thanks!

  2. Jennifer O. Says:

    Gorgeous shots! Love the interaction between the family, very sweet!

  3. www.feathersfromournest.com Says:

    Beautimus!!! What a photogenic family. You made them look SO beautiful.

  4. Lisa T Says:

    Beautiful Michelle!
    You seriously hit it out of the park every.single.time:)

  5. Sarah Says:

    Love the feel of these. The Mom & Daughter look just alike.

    I really like that blanket too.

  6. Ruby Campbell Says:

    Great work.

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