sleep study.

After the past few very rough days, it was lovely to see her finally sleeping so peacefully. Like a little angel.

More on that beautiful shirt later, by the way.

Also, if you haven’t been to the homeschool blog in a while…

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  1. Jen Says:

    Pure sweetness. I’ve been blog stalking long enough..time to start posting. I adore your work. The variety and joy in it inspire me! Thank you!

  2. Sam Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the tank! That’s awesome. Glad y’all are feeling better!

  3. Tabitha Blue Says:

    Oh these are beautiful!!! She is an angel… and I can’t wait to hear more about the shirt. :)

  4. amanda leatherberry Says:

    These are so beautiful. I love that tee! And she looks so sweet sucking her thumb in that bottom image :) Glad she is feeling better! We’ve had a bad bug traveling our home that all four of mine caught plus me and the hubby….now it’s an upper resp thing… tired of being sick but at least the kids are better!!!!

  5. Laura Biebl Says:

    SO cute. I need to know where you got that little tank!

  6. Scott Stater Says:

    Here you were upset that you couldn’t go out today, but look at this amazing moments you got with her – priceless. There will be many more t-ball practices!

  7. Ana Guerrero Says:

    Oh, she’s so adorable!!! And I love that tank as well!
    I’m glad she is feeling better. There is no worse feeling in the world like when your little ones are sick. You feel SO helpless. And when they feel better, you feel peace again.

  8. Darla Says:

    bless her little angel heart! Glad she is feeling better!

  9. michelle nicoloff Says:

    Gosh, how I wish I had pictures of my babies like that :) sooooo adorable!

  10. Courtney Says:

    Where in the WORLD did you find that little tank/shirt??? I’d love to get it for my nieces.

  11. DB Says:

    Hello, My husband is in the AF and his squadron’s symbol is the “Angel of Mercy”. It would mean a lot to me to know how to purchase the shirt. It would be a great gift for our squadron babies. Thank you. As always it’s a great joy to view your site. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Jennifer O. Says:

    Precious shots!

  13. stacy krager Says:

    She *is* a little angel! how precious michele! I’m so glad she’s feeling better…I wish my daughter would sleep with me clicking away :) she’s such a light sleeper she would wake up instantly! lol

  14. Amy F Says:

    She does look like a little angel…I am so glad you are enjoying her wings!! Hope you guys start feeling better.

  15. Wendi Says:

    OH, I will be stalking until we get info on the shirt! My little Pig needs that!!

  16. Meg Borders Says:

    I love posts like this… precious memories!

  17. Sara Lopez Says:

    I want a little girl just so I can buy that shirt. LOL so cute.

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