This kid is too beautiful to be mine.

It’s almost not fair for a boy to get rosy cheeks and lashes like his. Look out ladies…I’m afraid he has the makings of a heartbreaker.

4 Responses to “ This kid is too beautiful to be mine. ”

  1. Karen Linnell Says:

    he looks just like you,beautiful : )

  2. lindsey Rowland Says:

    Beautiful Eyes!!! Handsome fella!!

  3. Mariah Milan Says:

    Mmmm hmmm… seems to always happen like that. My baby brother got the suuuuper long eyelashes and rosy cheeks too.

    Your boy is beautiful. Ryenne said, “Oh! He’s handsome!” :)

  4. Treva Tribit Says:

    Wonderful pictures! Children playing with blocks is such a neat idea! Love this!

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