newborn perfection.

First of all, I want to know how one family could get ALL of the "gorgeousness genes" in the gene pool? Secondly, I’m wondering if that beautiful baby boy ever cries because he sure didn’t the entire time I was there. Finally, how in the world does a mom of a pre-schooler AND a newborn get away with looking *this* amazing??? Not fair, I tell ya. Not fair!

24 Responses to “ newborn perfection. ”

  1. Erica Says:

    These are so amazing! Your work is so inspiring :)

  2. Angela Compton Says:

    Good Gosh they are gorgeous! These are spectacular!

  3. mell Says:

    Beautiful Michele…. that last photo…TDF!

  4. Meghan Rickard Says:

    Love the sister-brother photo!

  5. Kristin Cook Says:

    What a gorgeous family and beautiful pics!

  6. Tanzyn Says:

    sooo precious!

  7. Lucy Says:

    So amazing Michele! And that Mom, wow, she is drop dead gorgeous!

  8. Leah Jent Says:

    Michele, you are so inspirational. I adore your work! And you’re right, this family is TOTALLY gorgeous.

  9. Amy C Says:

    Wow! I must agree with you – they are gorgeous!!! And these shots are absolutely amazing!! You rock too!!

  10. Kelli Taylor Says:

    Oh my gosh! The eyes in that family!!

  11. stacy k Says:

    wowza ~ what a gorgeous family! I love love the way you captured them as a family!

  12. Heather Georger Says:

    Ahhhmazing!!!! Stunning family and fantabulous photography!!!

  13. amy Says:

    Look at all of those amazing blue eyes. Love, love, love the sun flare through the window.

  14. Stacy Says:


  15. Liz Says:

    amazing!! every single photo is priceless. great work!

  16. Susie Says:

    Oh that IS one gorgeous gorgeous family!! Wonderful shoot, M!

  17. robyn Says:

    *swoon* This session is incredible (and those suitcases are to die for)!

  18. ashley Says:

    Love love love this session, Michele. Totally gorgeous. The flare and play of light and shadow is amazing:)

  19. alison Says:

    perfect lighting in all of these~amazing, as always!

  20. Johanna Says:

    You’re not kidding about gorgeous family…wow! As always, your images are incredibly beautiful, original, sweet, real and artful. Hope this family has tons of wall space. Nice work Michele.

  21. meredith tichenor Says:

    Michele, I am so used to you taking fabulous photos that I almost forgot that your talent can literally TAKE MY BREATH AWAY! I am in love with this photo session, the colors, the sweet family, the lighting… it’s positively dreamy!

  22. Minnette Says:

    These are all so STUNNING!

  23. Jen Davis Says:

    Michele, how do you do it over and over? Your work makes me strive strive strive. Thanks for that. Jen (China Jen!)

  24. Shlonda Smith Says:

    THis is one fabulous family they are beautiful!!! Awesome work!

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