Decisions, decisions.

I loved this session. The freedom that you get when you have a beautiful, willing and enthusiastic subject is immeasurable. Look at all the fun things we got to do!

Hard to believe how chilly it actually was outside that day. She was such a trooper.  Everything was so romantic and childlike.

I loved this session.

So much so, that I think one of these is going to *have* to be Pic of the Month for January.  But I honestly can’t decide which one. Any input?

34 Responses to “ Decisions, decisions. ”

  1. Whitley Pollet Says:

    These are beautiful! I absolutely love all the guitar shots!

  2. Lucy Says:

    Stunning!!! What a gorgeous girl, and such beautiful colours in these!

  3. Melissa Says:

    Really love your work!!!
    Very beautiful world…

  4. Caroline (butterfly moments) Says:

    I love the first one, with the birds… and the guitar…. and the black and white of her dancing, from above… well, all of them, really. Lovely series Michelle!

  5. Stacy Says:

    hmmm that is a very hard decision but the last one sticks with me its her sweet expression

  6. beverly Says:

    i’m in love with the one shot from above where she is twirling -that would be my pick for the pic of the month. :)

  7. Darla Says:

    oh…yes…jumping on the bed = POTM!

  8. Bethany Says:

    FABULOUS!! I am LOVING that first shot!! Something about the composition and processing totally gets me!! What an amazing capture!! It looks like you had a wonderful session!

    A willing and enthusiastic subject…what in the world is that?! I can’t even imagine! :)

  9. Kim Says:

    They are all super cute, but I love the last shot! It seems to be a quiet and peaceful end to an exciting day.

  10. gill maheu Says:

    i just love your work – it is so stunningly beautiful ! i’m sure her parents will be thrilled and what a wonderful day for her to look back on in the future … and i have a long long way to go …

  11. jodie Says:

    I love your work Michelle, I really do, but this session is amazing. I love everything about it and would die to have these of my own daughters! And honestly, my favorite one is the spinning one you took from above…it has such a magical feeling to it! Great job!

  12. Beth Jansen Says:

    makes me want a redhead SOOOOO bad :) love the backlit, grass shot – a classic but a goody.

  13. Helen Says:

    I absolutely adore the first one. The color, the composition, and use of texture is perfection.

  14. Heike Says:

    LOVE them. What a beautiful little girl! I think I like the first fisheye shot of her on the deck the most. Fun perspective and very “jinky”!

  15. stacy k Says:

    I have no idea how you would choose…this session gives me goosebumps! My vote would be the one where she’s holding the guitar standing up with the rockin flare…or the twirly shot from above ~ that one is gorgeous!

  16. melissa Says:

    i think the pic of the month should be the 2nd to the last on the right, with her little arms crossed. so beautiful.

  17. Michele Says:

    Aw, thanks so much for your kind words, everyone. But I have to say, you’re not helping me much in the decision, LOL.

  18. Mariah Milan Says:


    pic of the month… hmmmm… toss up between the first one and the one of her spinning. Hard choice though. What an amazing little girl!

  19. Leilani Says:

    These are amazing Michele. I wish I could have such beautiful pictures but I live too far :(

    I think the first or last or maybe the one with her sitting down facing the camera whilst playing the guitar is definitley in for POTM.

  20. Rhianne Says:

    I REALLY like the one where shes laying down, and her hair is all spread out and shes giving hte cutest smile. Its in between the ones where she has the guitar (:

  21. Sarah Says:

    WOW, beautiful!

  22. Kate Says:

    hands down, the b&w trampoline images (but both of them, side by side!)

  23. Rachael H. Says:

    First shot. No, twirly shot. No, first shot. No, twirly shot. But I’m also pretty in love w/ the b&w one where she’s holding her stuffed animal. You’re right…we commenters are no help at all!!!!

  24. Cecilia M. Says:

    #1!!! Just beautiful!

  25. stacey duncan Says:

    those are so beautiful! i love the first one and the one where she is holding the guitar up next to her face the most. amazing!!

  26. Stephanie Says:

    I love them all! My favorite though is the one where she is twirling on the tile floor.

  27. ella walker Says:

    like the 1st trampoline, the guitar playing (with head cut off), the 1st fisheye and the very 1st shot of the birds … not necessarily in that order. as for picture of the month — sorry, can’t put a finger on it. awesome shots, michelle!

  28. Kristie Says:

    Oh WOW, amazing and gorgeous!! I seriously can’t stop looking at them. I absolutely love the two side by side jumping shots, and the one above it, but I love the spinning one too. Okay, all of them!! : )

  29. Amy Says:

    You’re amazing! I love this session! Great work!

  30. Susie Says:

    They are all awesome, but I esp. like her on the boardwalk with the fish eye and the great big sky behind her ;)

  31. Shari DeVoogd Says:

    They all are amazing! But my heart skips a beat on the twirling one from above….sigh!

  32. Missy Says:

    These gave me goosebumps from head to toe. Fantastic!

  33. William Says:

    I’m biased, but I think the best are actually two you have not posted — the twirling one with the window in the background and the shot of her in green lying on the deck. Amazing.

  34. kirsten Says:

    truly amazing photos — such a beautiful little girl – what a treasure!!

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