My friend Lauren pointed out to me today that I had not blogged about my baby girl in a while…well, not as often as I used to…how about that? So, for my purposes (since my blog also serves as a personal record of my family’s history), here’s what’s going on in Miss A’s world as of late:

1. Two words: Separation Anxiety. And it is driving me up the wall. I love her. I do. I adore her. I do. But I just cannot spend every minute of my day with her in my arms in spite of how much she begs and protests. It’s so bad that I have to hide in my "Cave of Wonders" (that’s what we call my office) and I literally don’t come out to eat, drink, or even go to the bathroom for fear that she’ll see me and pitch a royal one.  You’ll even notice in the above images how "happy" she is that I’m occupied with the camera and not with her.

2. That would be why I haven’t posted as many pics of her. The child literally won’t let me put her down long enough for me to pick up the camera.

3. In spite of all that, she’s still cute as hell.

4. She LOVES to do the dishes with her brothers:

5. Speaking of brothers, I came across and old picture of T-man yesterday that stopped in my tracks.  I guess it was from about 3 years ago? My sister is always telling me how much Amry looks like T, but I never really saw it, until this image:

Well, maybe it’s not the best of one Amry to compare, but that face T’s making…oh, I see that face ALL the time from Amry.

6. Also speaking of brothers…while I know this post is about Amry, I just have to share this recent development. My husband and I discovered yesterday that the boys (who spend most of their days beating up on eachother) have started sleeping in the same bed. This cracked me up. I walked into find the first frame, but the second they heard the camera click, they immediately rolled to opposite sides of the bed:

7. Back to "Scram-ro" (we’ve nicknamed her that because she’s so very "scrammy.") – What else?

  • Um, the kid will eat anything. I mean anything. Today she downed an entire, grown-up sized quesadilla.
  • She LOVES remotes and when she gets one, she likes to point it to the TV emphatically because she thinks that’s how you make the TV work.
  • She loves to dance. The second she hears catchy music, she squishes up her little face and bops up and down.
  • She’s discovered that she can pick her nose (and yours, too, if you’ll let her). (Sorry, hon…don’t hate me for that one when you’re 16)
  • Her hair is out of control. Seriously. I have no idea what to do with it. It has a life of its own. Any advice?
  • She talks, a lot. Most of it, we don’t understand, but she just keeps going because we’re nimwits and someday, perhaps we’ll get a clue.
  • She loves to play. She can sit for a long time just taking things out of bowls and putting them back in. Fascinating.
  • She loves dolls. I find this to be very strange because I haven’t really pushed it. She just naturally gravitates towards baby dolls.
  • She thinks it’s the funniest thing when she toots. I have NEVER had a kid that laughed at that kind of thing, but whenever she does it, she cracks up. Oh great. She’s going to be *that* girl.
  • She has an unusual shoe fetish. Basically, she demands that you put shoes on her so that she can immediately remove them and throw them at you. It’s very entertaining. For her.
  • If you hand her her "dat" (ie. pink blankey she’s had since birth), she immediately curls her fingers around it, places thumb in mouth and she’s ready for bed. It’s like she doesn’t even think about it.
  • She’s still nursing. Hard to believe.
  • Whenever I hear Moose and Zee "It’s Puzzle Time" on Nick Jr., I tear up.
  • Whenever I hear Jack’s Big Music Show, I tear up.
  • Whenever I hear Olivia’s theme music, I tear up.
  • Even the closing song of Yo Gabba Gabba makes me tear up.
  • All of these things have become synonymous with her.
  • That and the smell of LOreal Kids Blueberry Smoothie shampoo.
  • That and crayons:

Wow. I guess I really needed to talk about her. These past few weeks have been tough on me. Normally, there’s a lull in January after the holiday rush, but this year, it just hasn’t worked out that way. I’ve been working so much and gosh, in spite of being "near" them all day, I miss my kids so much. Good news is that I get to take some time to reconnect tomorrow. I’m very much looking forward to that. Very much.

15 Responses to “ Busted. ”

  1. Kat Braman Says:

    your post made me tear up. I’ve been working so much recently that even though I do it from home and my kid is technically “with me” all day, I miss him. I was feeling some serious mommy guilt yesterday. Your kids are adorable!

  2. Colette Says:

    These photos are gorgeous. I was arting today with crayons too.

  3. beth cupitt Says:

    she sounds so much like abby. they are only a few weeks apart, so it’s always wild to see how it’s going for amry, her austin parallel. :)

  4. Jessica Says:

    Right there with you on the sepration anxiety! I try everyday to explain to my 18 mnth old that Mommy cannot sit on the couch and “talk” with her all day. LOL. She doesn’t seem to care. And despite the hours that we sit and read books, or color, or look at pictures of her together, when she goes to sleep at night I still miss her and want to curl up in her bed with her. :*)

  5. Mariah Milan Says:

    It is amazing how at certain ages the kids parallel so much. Kai and Amry could easily have a “shoe party” and play with bowls and balls together. It’s amazing how they are reacting and loving on their sibling(s) now, isn’t it? And has she started testing you yet? Cause Kai sure is. Holy moly… I am in for it!
    Beautiful post. Enjoy your kiddos tomorrow!!!

  6. Lauren Says:

    O Michelle! She has grown so much! She is definitely looking like T for sure! Amazing how that changes. They look like you and then months later they look like your spouse. On her hair (which has gotten so long!! ), we use Ribbies just to clip N’s hair back. Easy, she loves it, and it has a cute little style goin’ on.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Renee W Says:

    What an extremely sweet post! You are truly blessed! Remember to take time to enjoy all the little things: her dancing, the boys sneaking into bed together, their fighting, the crayons, the smell of the shampoo, well you get the idea! They grow up way too fast and I guarantee you’ll long for these days again!

  8. carri Says:

    I have two boys and even though they have the coolest room in the house they have to sleep in the same bed ! I one day hope for a girl. Girls take care of their mommies. Your pictures are beautiful. Especially the first one. She’s looking at you like ” You know the drill; Pick me up NOW!!”

  9. molly Says:

    i am glad i am not the only one that gets choked up by silly things like cartoon theme songs. so weird being a mom.

  10. evie Says:

    This is SO sweet, Michele. She will be so thankful for this beautiful record of who she is in this moment in time when she gets older. Oh, and for the record….I’m *that* girl. She’ll be all right. ;)

  11. Rachael H. Says:

    Lovely post, Michele. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who cries irrational tears. I found myself tearing up this morning as I was folding clothes that Red hasn’t even outgrown yet, b/c I was thinking about when she’ll outgrow them in the future!! Jack is near and dear to our hearts, too…Delilah is always asking for, “Jack Show!”

  12. bridget Says:

    omg! SHE AND JULIET MUST MEET and have a playdate (shhhhhhhhh – but I may be headed to texas mid-march. ;) and I could’ve written the SAME list for Juliet! She is and sounds so much like A it’s killin me!

  13. Kristy Says:

    I guess I’ve been ‘stalking’ for quite a while. LOVE your work. Anyway, I had to laugh that your Amry and my Emery must be sharing the same wardrobe. We have that same denim jacket and the polka dot pajamas. Too cute!

  14. Jen Davis Says:

    Wow. Michele–I love reading your comments. We lost a little girl at birth last year (I have two adorable twin boys) and all of your baby girl photos/comments tug at my heart like you wouldn’t believe. Cherish those moments. Thanks again for all of your inspiration! Jen in China

  15. Denise Says:

    It’s great that you are still nursing. Milk Monster just stopped nursing and he’s 2+ yrs old. I had surgery and was on some heavy medication for a couple of weeks. Due to this and my recovery I had to stop nursing. I’m very happy that I was able to nurse that long. Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life with us

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