Baby Coco Cutie.

Okay, before we bombard you with any more cuteness, have you been to Baby Coco in Austin before? If not, do yourself a favor and go. Cheyenne does such an amazing job with her creative and shabby chic decorating. Every time I walk into the store, I see something new and cool.  For example:

Um, I’m sorry, but if *I* could fit into that crib, I would be waking up in that every morning. Truly a beautiful touch-n-feel-n-experience kind of store. And it’s a great place to find unique baby shower gifts, too!  Now back to your daily dose of adorableness, Baby Q, the new face of Baby Coco. This girlie has got it goin’ on!

And what about that insane Christmas tree??????  To the ridiculously talented artist that created the tree, I’m planning to sneak into the store one night and confiscate it. If you would like to keep me out of prison, please tell me how I can get such an elegant and stunning tree like that for my baby girl. Thank you very much for allowing me to continue raising my children. ;-) (More from our amazing time at Baby Coco here and here.)

8 Responses to “ Baby Coco Cutie. ”

  1. Amy F Says:

    Oh those blue eyes…I could gaze into them FOREVER!!! Amazing as always.

  2. Allison Parker Says:

    oh, dear. I don’t know what to say. speechless. really too pretty for words. I’m so going to Baby Coco next time I’m in Austin! And, the tree . . . sooo when you get your hands on a tree like this one, will you tell me how I can get my hands on one? My girls need this tree. They really need it! wowza.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Cutie is an understatement! What a gorgeous girl. Wonderful shots.

  4. Jana Perenchio Says:

    Oh my!! I will have to make a trip to Austin just to see that store…….it’s stunning, and I don’t even have a baby! Your photography is wonderful!

  5. Kate Says:

    Michele, these pictures are SO SO stunning! The pictures of the cribs are amazing, the baby is sooo cute, and that first picture is one of my favorite pictures that you’ve ever taken :)

  6. Amanda K. Says:

    oh. my. stars. That is a gorgeous baby! Beatiful photos!!

  7. alison Says:

    wowie! Such a gorgeous baby, amazing photos & cool “props” :) next time I am in Austin, I will for sure check out the store!

  8. Cheyenne Says:

    Outstanding, as usual. And baby Quinn…what a cutie!! Such a sweet family! Thank you all!

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