Tomorrow, it’s six years that we’ve known this amazing kid.

We took him on a trip this weekend–all by himself–to his favorite place.

Where he can be surrounded by butterflies, and explore, and observe, and identify. No interruptions.

He just learned to read Roman numerals and was so proud when he spotted them on our trip.

We learned that worker ants (and bees) are all female.

He didn’t stop grinning the whole time.

We spent an hour in the gift shop looking at crystals and butterflies.

Afterward, we took him out for sushi.

He ate octopus.

He thinks his missing tooth is going to grow back in by tomorrow.

I love him.

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  1. Danea Says:

    I love this post. It made me tear up. Why it made me tear up I am not totally sure, must be the mom thing. I’m glad he had a great time and I love that you gave him a special day- just the three of you, such a great idea!

  2. Virgil (Dad) Says:

    I teared up a little, too…and I was there. I know you sometimes feel disconnected from the husband and kids, what with working 18 of every 24 hours or so, but it’s moments like this that demonstrate how involved and loved you really are. Tristan–and Logan, and Amry, and I–are all truly blessed to have you for a mom and wife. Thanks, angel! I love you!!

  3. Sam Says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 6 years! Happy happy birthday, T-man! Enjoy this special day with one another. Hugs!!!

  4. Lindsay Says:

    Ok.. I teared up at your sweet hubby’s comment. gush. :)

  5. Vinita Says:

    Happy Birthday T-man…oh no now I’m tearing up! Lovely post Michele!

  6. Lisa Says:

    Happy birthday to your big boy! January babies are the best :D What a special trip- it looks like he loved it!

  7. Mariah Milan Says:

    Absolutely magical that time together! What a lucky little boy. And yes… teary after reading your hubby’s comments too.

  8. gill m Says:

    gorgeous – gorgeous – gorgeous !!! makes me want to do exactly that with my two girls on their birthdays – i hope he has a magical day !

  9. Rachael H. Says:

    No fair making everyone cry!! :) What a special little boy…and so lucky to have you and V as parents.

  10. Tina V. Says:

    Michele, Tell him that Ms. Tina is wishing him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and singing God’s blessings on him! I am so lucky that I had the priviledge to spend and teach him while he was 3. I love that little guy! I know that y’all are so proud of him! Have a very special day with him tomorrow!

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