Snippets from a homebirth

This was the stunning and perfectly peaceful scene when I walked in to photograph this homebirth. Seriously? So beautiful.

And the end result? Just as beautiful. Just as peaceful. All is right with the world. Congratulations again on your new arrival!

As I continue my proofing, I have to sit here in anxious anticipation, phone by my side, camera at the ready for the next baby to hatch. Who’s going to be first? All bets are off when it comes to predicting labors and the suspense is killing me. Here’s to many safe, quick, and [relatively] painless deliveries any day now!

(If you are in the Austin area and would like to learn more about hiring a professional birth photographer, please see this link.)

23 Responses to “ Snippets from a homebirth ”

  1. allison coleman Says:

    these turned out beautiful. it was great working with you again.

  2. Jeannie Says:


  3. Lisa Says:

    So beautiful indeed! Amazing images. And that bathroom, oh, I could only dream! If I get my homebirth, I’m pretty sure the photos will have Legos and laundry piled in the background :D

  4. Stacy Says:

    I’m such a wimp! These brought tears to my eyes! Well done as always love!

  5. Jorja Says:

    Ohhh Just breathtaking!!! Wonderfully done!!

  6. Rachael Says:

    I absolutely adore birth photos. I don’t think that much can compare in emotion and preciousness to the start of your childs life. You do it so beautifully! These photos are amazing.

    Congratulations to This family….Thank you so much for sharing ;)

  7. Danielle Says:

    So So beautiful!!!! ALMOST makes me want to have another one ;)

  8. Jootje Says:

    Wow, incredible beautiful! Love this, and what a gorgeous little baby!

  9. Tina Ryan Says:

    Thank you for sharing these to both you and the family.

    Such beautiful moments! Gorgeous work as always Michele!

  10. Mariah Milan Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous….

  11. Sarah Says:

    These are beautiful! I hope to shoot a homebirth someday. And yes, this totally makes me want another one :)

  12. catherine Says:

    I’m speechless… it’s so so so gorgeous. What a precious shoot. These parents will remember that special day in a unique way because of you!

  13. arenda Says:

    these images are magical! you make me want to be a home birth photographer!

  14. Patti Brown Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful work!

  15. Rosemary Says:

    Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

  16. Antonina Says:

    I can’t take my eyes of them. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than these…

  17. Amy Says:

    Michelle – I don’t comment on your photos nearly enough but had to take a moment and tell you that these are absolutely wonderful. The emotion as well as the technical aspect – the use of the light, the angles, the way you make them amazing – I know it’s not easy to do this when we’re not outside and styling sessions to our goals – you still make it look easy! And the baby – just adorable!

  18. gina Says:

    So beautiful! I wish I could get someone to let me photograph a birth so far no takers!

  19. suzy Says:

    holy wow these are just so… breathtaking. i just completed my doula training and have my own photography business so this is exactly the kind of thing i want to do is document births, but wow these are just stunning. makes me even more excited to start! and hopefully i will be so lucky as to get invited to document a home birth in the near future.. :o)

    amazing job, you are a true artist with real talent

  20. Lynsey Stone Says:

    These are so beautiful! I love seeing homebirth photographs!

  21. beverly Says:

    gorgeous! and that baby is just beautiful

  22. Jennifer Says:


    I’ve admired your work for some time, but I must say that your birth sessions are truly amazing! What a great gift to give someone! If only you were located closer to Wisconsin–I’m expecting my third child in May and would love to have something like this.

  23. Vera Says:

    Hi…Oh my….I just stumbled across your work and I cannot pull myself away! These homebirth pics are beyond amazing!

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