It’s down to the wire now! Voting ENDS TODAY – Fri. the 15th!

(Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to view the Pinkle Toes Photography 2009 Year in Review Slideshow)

[UPDATE 1.13.10 – We’ve had votes pouring in and the race has gotten *even* closer. Incredible!]

I can’t even believe it is time to finally select our first ever Pinkle’s Pic of the Year Winner! Each month in 2009, I have chosen an image (or images) that moved me. But now, it will be YOUR job as the Pinkle Toes Blogstalkers to decide which of these was the best image of the year.

The winner will receive an 11×14 canvas of their winning image and—this just in—a $500 Pinkle Toes gift card (up from $200) to be used on a Premium session in 2010–and of course, all the glory of being the first Pinkle’s Pic of the Year Winner! Two runners-up will each receive a $100 gift card and the Grand Prize winner gets to choose a 3rd runner-up, also to receive a $100 gift card!

Some fine print:

  • Voting will run January 1st-15th (ending at midnight central time)
  • Voting is monitored by IP address, so no multiple voting.
  • Results will not be shown, but I will announce winners on the blog Saturday, Jan. 16th.
  • I reserve the right to disqualify entries or terminate the contest if necessary.

Okay…let’s get voting!!! I’m very excited to see what you decide…I truly have no idea which image will win. Oh, there is a link on the bottom to share with friends/family, too!

(Click on the images to view larger if needed)

Looking back at all of these entries, there is a huge flood of emotion and memories. I feel so fortunate to make these lifelong connections with each and every one of my clients. It always makes me giggle when a returning client calls and says, "You might not remember me, but…"  OF COURSE I remember you!!!!!  Gosh, if I had enough time, I could easily rattle off an anecdote about every single session I’ve ever had since I started Pinkle Toes Photography three years ago (anyone wanna test me?). But here’s the thing that gets me the most: families are as much the same as they are different. For as unique and as diverse as any family unit might be, we all have that connection, that love, that sparkle, that desire to do good for those we love, and the relentless need to cherish and remember the things that are most important to us forever.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for an incredible 2009 and I hope 2010 is chock full of wonderfulness for you!

49 Responses to “ It’s down to the wire now! Voting ENDS TODAY – Fri. the 15th! ”

  1. Sheila Says:

    So many beautiful images! It was definitely a tough choice–can’t wait to see which one wins. Happy New Year!

  2. Alexandra Says:

    Impossible to choose! Just as I think I’ve picked one, the next is even better! You certainly had a fantastic year!!

  3. robyn Says:


  4. isa-:-) Says:

    what pretty photos!! love them all!

  5. kara Says:

    just 1?
    so many amazing photos.
    i so enjoy your talent.

  6. Tina Butler Says:

    That was so hard to pick just one!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    So beautifully talented.

  8. Melissa Says:


  9. Laurel Says:

    I just love this!

  10. Rachel W Says:

    Soooo hard to choose!

  11. dhana Says:

    beautiful work

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  13. Annie Says:

    Voted! :) Can’t wait to see the results! (It’d be interesting to see the runners up too!)

  14. Carri Says:

    Look at the video inspires me. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Inside and out.

  15. elizabeth pellette Says:

    Ohh My gosh so hard to decide.. I am going to have to think about this one..

  16. wendy Says:

    I have been following your blog for about 6 months now. Your pictures make me weep (in a good way). I look forward to seeing what you have in store this year.

  17. Kelli Taylor Says:


  18. arenda Says:

    stunning images!

  19. Melissa Says:

    Gorgeous choices!

  20. Canda Fadduol Says:

    Beautiful and original!

  21. robyn Says:

    Simply amazing – what a fantastic year! Your work is just incredible!

  22. Amy Says:

    That was tough! I knew instantly when I saw the one I ended up voting for, though. Love your work, Michele!

  23. Marlene Holcomb Says:

    December is so cute!!! :)

  24. Diana Says:

    What a beautiful gathering of lovely images!

  25. Mary Walraven Says:

    All are awesome pictures, but my favorite is August

  26. Grandpa Says:

    Got to go with April (b)! They are all great photos!

  27. Annie Says:

    That was so hard to pick!! Great work. Beautiful subjects.

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  29. ashey Says:

    Wonderful images, Michele. Loved them all but finally picked one:) What a great year.

  30. Lee Says:

    Friday night lights –get the cameras rolling–here comes Luca

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  33. Juliet Says:

    so many great photos, they are all winners! But I picked my fav, the underwater shot is the ultimate pic!

  34. CJ Barker Says:

    So hard to pick just one…but since I have to, my vote goes for the underwater maternity shot. Just unbelievably fabulous!

  35. Jane Sarne Says:

    All great.

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  37. michelle nicoloff Says:

    Michele…so beautiful…you have such an amazing talent and I am so thankful that I was able to meet before leaving Austin…and you are sooooooooo more than welcome to come to dinner at our place in Cali :) xoxoxxo

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  39. allison coleman Says:

    I watched the slide show with my little boys. Donavan, my ten year old really likes the “belly pictures” . Great job Michelle.

  40. maria Says:

    i voted, but i love so many of your images, all the time, that it was nearly impossible to pick one!

  41. Victoria Says:

    I had to pick my baby (AugustB) but so hard not to love all of them! I especially love the bride and the baby and the guitar.

  42. Rafael Alcala Says:

    March was way too cute to pass up, it gets my vote! All the the images are beautiful!

  43. Lenore Says:

    Michelle, your work is so beautiful……… of course, I love the picture of my grandson Aug (B), but you are an artist and they all are wonderful… Thank you xoxox

  44. Moira Castanon Says:

    Beautiful photos, as always. What caught my attention is that you have only been doing this for 3 years. Your work is amazing. The fact that you are to this point in just 3 years…well I’m SO impressed! Well done!!!

  45. Shannon's Aunt Debby Says:

    I have to vote for Shannon’s “trash the wedding dress” photo. It was so original, so beautiful, and so perfectly Shannon.

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  47. Cecilia M. Says:

    This was not an easy task….they are all equally beautiful images!

  48. Jennifer O. Says:

    Geeeeeze! It was hard to pick just one! You had an awesome year!

  49. joy Says:

    OH how these photos moved me! I cried through the whole slideshow! ha! I needed to be inspired- I’m so overwelmed and anxious about this upcoming year with my own photography business, I needed to a reminder as to why I love what I do! Thank you- I love you work!

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