Pinkle’s Pic of the Month: December

This is it! This is the last Pic of the Month for 2009 and our last entry for the Pinkle’s Pic of the Year contest!!!!  Drumroll, please….

Chosen because I love the color. And I love the hat. And I love babies that love to rock. Congrats to the V family.  (And mama…would you like to share your other awesome news regarding your rock/superstar son?)

ETA 12.14.09: He is not only a rock star, but he’s soon to be a TV star as well.  I got a notice from one of the casting directors of Friday Night Lights asking if I knew of any cutie patootie newborns to film some scenes. Well this little guy just landed the role and has already begun filming. Congrats on all of these great developments!

3 Responses to “ Pinkle’s Pic of the Month: December ”

  1. Fuaad alattas Says:

    So lovely!
    I love it….!

  2. michael Says:

    Very good stuff…super interesting composition…

  3. Lucy Says:

    Ok… Just picking my jaw up from the ground… That one that you suggested to be artwork, STUNNING!!! Love these so much!

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