My eyes have been opened: “Not all printers are the same.”

To all of my clients:

I know I’ve said this time and time before, but I admit, I’ve been a little scared to put it to the test and now I know why. This holiday season, I’m sure you’re all busily preparing gift prints to surprise friends and family, but before you upload your images to just any ol’ print lab (out of convenience or just because they’re less expensive), take a look at this:

Same image ordered from three different places.  I know you can’t see the insanely poor paper quality of Other Lab 1 and Other Lab 2, but I know the color difference is quite clear. The one on the left is what most closely matches what it *should* look like in print. *This* is the place that I recommend you print your images from. I have recommended them for years and looking at these variations, it’s easy to see why. If you are a past client of mine and you’ve received your image CD, you already know the main lab that I recommend…so trust me and use them!  If you are still waiting for your CD, all of this information along with other printing tips and design ideas will be included on there.  Read it.  I could save you from purchasing a gigantic 16×20 pink/purple pop art poster like the monster that is from Other Lab 1.  Eeek!

ETA: I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails/comments about which print lab is which, but I’m reserving this information for my clients only. I encourage all photographers to run their own tests with their own lab choices and see what works best for them.

9 Responses to “ My eyes have been opened: “Not all printers are the same.” ”

  1. Sheryl Says:

    Holy Smokes! What an eye opener!

    BUT DANG SHES CUTE in any color ;)

  2. lucy Says:

    are you able to share which lab your recommend?

  3. Naomi Worley Says:

    I should do a test like this and keep samples in my studio to show clients, not only is that proof and verification, but also a great selling tool. Saves time later as well in case there are processing issues or complaints with other print labs.

  4. ashley Says:

    Can you share with us which printers you recommend and which ones you don’t?

  5. Raegan H Says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Can you share which printer you recommend?

  6. Rich Says:

    Testing is a good thing… But I’d like to also remind our photo friends…. your testing means nothing if you do not use the proper paper profiles (from your lab) and soft proof your work on a color accurate and HARDWARE CALIBRATED MONITOR… :)

  7. Scott Stater Says:

    Love that you take time to educate your clients this way!

  8. Lauren Says:

    I am a photographer in Napa, California and just starting out. I have several options of labs, but would like to give my business to one of quality and excellent customer service. In this economy, I imagine even the labs would appreciate new business. I would greatly appreciate if you would email me privately that lab you prefer. Your photos are stunning and your style is uniquely yours! Thank you!!

  9. Kristi Says:

    this is the stuff that keeps us awake at night, M!

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