PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: Giddy. ♥ Austin Children’s Photographer

About a year ago when her mama called me for the first time, I was giddy. Even over the phone, we just seemed to click. I was so bummed that I was booked and getting ready for maternity leave and couldn’t arrange a session for her.  :-( But not too long ago, she called again and lo and behold, this time, we were able to make it work. I was *thrilled* when she said that even though she’s got 3–yes, three–older boys at home, this session was going to be all about her baby girl. Giddy.

I’ve been sitting on this location for a while now. When I realized *this* would be the perfect place for her session…again, giddy.


When mom said she’d be up for some mother/daughter shots? Giddy.


When mom pulled out this AMAZING dress? Giddy.

Giddy. Giddy. Giddy.

But this? THIS? Immediately, when I saw this shot in my teeny, tiny preview screen on my camera, I was beyond giddy. I was jumping up and down, running over to mom, practically drooling over what I had just seen ECSTATIC!!!!  I don’t know why, but this last image just really spoke to me.

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  1. Brandi Says:

    oh wow, these are amazing! Fabulous session and beautiful girl!

  2. Melissa Says:

    these are gorgeous images!

  3. Heather James Says:

    Michelle, I love everything about this session. The last two shots are outta this world!

  4. Kim Says:

    Wow Michele. Wow. You outdid yourself on this one.

  5. Jenny Hintze Says:

    These are truly amazing!! You are a miracle worker. But the fact that you work with beautiful kiddos certainly doesn’t hurt. Congrats on these!

  6. Jeannete Chirinos Gold Says:

    Michelle this session is wonderful
    Love the One with the green door and wall amazing colors, location, everything
    the girl is so beautiful

  7. Tina Says:


  8. Heather Kelson Says:


  9. beverly Says:

    i w.a.n.t. that TUTU dress – it’s gorgeous! love this series michele. :)

  10. Christine - SimplyBloom Says:

    Oh! Swoon! That iPhone one is brilliant and that last one.. Total perfection. You nailed this session:)

  11. andrea Says:

    jumping in the tutu dress, iphone mouth… giddy. great session michele!

  12. norma Says:

    The last picture made my heart leap!!! It looks like one of those classical portrait paintings. Awesome!! I want to go take a picture of my little girl (who is in college now). You inspire me.

  13. michelle nicoloff Says:


  14. Shana Rae Says:


  15. maria Says:

    love the explosion of color, the emotion between mother and daughter, the creative look of that last shot…everything! You rocked it!

  16. Rachel Clarke Says:

    Wow, seriously stunning!! Look at all that color!! Just beautiful!

  17. Amanda Says:

    Oh. My. So gorgeous!!!

  18. bridget Says:

    could understand why you are giddy. :) eehhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. don’t you love sessions like that???

  19. Natalie Says:

    Fabulous session Michele, these are all just so GORGEOUS!! Beautiful work, as always!

  20. Karen Linnell Says:

    these are amazing. you are such an inspiration.

  21. Kristin Cook Says:

    Gorgeous! Such fun color :)

  22. Becky Says:

    Gorgeous! What an amazing location!!

  23. Michelle Stone Says:

    GORGEOUS! you rock Michele!!!

  24. Skye Says:

    Oh, wow, love, love, LOVE these…this is definitely a favorite session for me! Great job!

  25. Caitlin Says:

    Oohhh…. give me four years and Ava and I will rock a session like this. Amazing!!!!!

  26. Vinita Says:

    What a fab session!Amazing images!

  27. Kate Says:

    So great that I’m thinkin’ of comin’ to Austin just so I can photograph someone at that awesome location! I know they must be LOVING these pictures : )

  28. Jessica Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the wardrobe post. We are doing a fundraiser for our MOPS group where every family gets a 15 min slot with a prof photog. I was deciding wardrobe, when my husband says, “Hey,how about we just wear white shirts and jeans?” {Umm b/c it’s trite… } I tried to explain but he wouldn’t believe me. Finally, I showed him your post on wardrobe. It came in handy ;)

  29. Alyssa Says:

    Wow! That is all i an say! i only hope to ever take pictures as wonderful as these! :)

  30. Patti Brown Says:

    Michele, you’re really good at this picture stuff. Maybe you should consider doing it for a living. – PB :)

  31. Michele Says:

    lol, p! nah. too many late nights.

  32. Christina Says: … love! You just keep setting the bar higher for all of us to keep reaching for :)

  33. Veronnica Watson Says:

    Hi there! These photos are fantastic! I absolutely love them! I wanted to ask where you find your awesome locations/places to shoot? I love the green colored wall and would love to shoot something like that. Any tips on where to look for something like that? Great job! ;)

  34. Veronnica Watson Says:

    Me again! I forgot to ask about shooting toddlers. I have a 17 month old and obviously he is so hard to shoot with all his moving around! How do you get the shots you do with smaller children? All my shots are blurry or too dark. I’ve tried playing around with the ISO but it’s still blurry. Thanks so much for any tips you can give me!

  35. Sara Patton Says:

    Awww, these are fabulous!!1

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  37. erica Says:

    beautiful..but i wanna know where momma got her outfit. its fabulous!

  38. Sylwia Szuder Says:

    They are all perfect! I can’t decide which I love most… I love your style so much!

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