PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: Brandon’s Birth Day ♥ Austin Birth Photographer

Photographing a c-section birth is such a vastly different experience for me. Without the jitters of wondering how mom’s labor will go (or when), I can relax a little bit and take the time to really observe the relationships and everyone’s reactions to what’s going on. I can also get pics of the things mom isn’t able to see while she’s recovering. Wow, V!  How exciting (and scary) it must have been to know that you were going to go into that room with one child and come out as a mother of two, with a brand new baby. Just like that! From my perspective, it was so very peaceful, so quick, so miraculous. I was honored to have been part of that beautiful day and to document this for him and his family–especially the part where the brothers meet for the first time.  It always cracks me up how the siblings just aren’t too sure what to make of this new, wrinkly toy! (Oh yes! A special thanks to Lyndsay for inspiring the door shots ;-).

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If you are in the Austin area and would like to have your birth experience photographed, please contact me as soon as you can as I can only cover a limited number of births at a time.

9 Responses to “ PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: Brandon’s Birth Day ♥ Austin Birth Photographer ”

  1. cynthia Says:

    your birth photography makes me want to have another baby! So inspiring! Thank you!

  2. Amy Says:

    I LOVE your photography always and faithfully stalk your blog, but what drove me to comment on this post was the observation that the c-ection experience “was so very peaceful, so quick, so miraculous”. I absolutely agree!

    After a horribel first birth experience, I went for a c-section the second time around and it was exactly that…peaceful, quick and miraculous. Thank God for medicine!

  3. Vinita Says:

    Amazing,I’m always so moved by your birth photography images! Never fails to bring a tear to my eye!

  4. Tina V. Says:

    Ok Michele I’m a blubbering mess!!! That was just beautiful! What was the name of the 2nd song?

  5. Heather D. Says:

    Amazing! I am sobbing now! I might even want to have another baby thanks to that! Ok, maybe not, but that was awesome!

  6. Cathy Says:

    That was so incredibly moving. It made me cry, what a beautiful experience, what captivating and true documentary photography!

  7. Katie Says:

    Oh these are so great! Each time you post new ones, I send them to my best friend (due in October) to try to convince her to let me be in there with them when he’s born. Hopefully we can get her convinced in 2 months! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration.

  8. Jackie Hutchinson Says:

    It’s beautiful!

  9. Dee Says:

    Wow! That video was very touching … to say the least. Beautiful photos, as always! Thanks for sharing, Michele.

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