PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: Gorgeous ♥ Austin Bridal Portraits

Finally able to go through this session. I love them all so much it would take too long to blog them all, so here’s the whole set from her Mini Bridal Session:

33 Responses to “ PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: Gorgeous ♥ Austin Bridal Portraits ”

  1. cherie yost Says:

    ummm…amazing! Really these are just great!

  2. Michelle Arvizu Says:


  3. Sarah Says:

    TOO COOL!!!

  4. Tina Vega Says:

    Perfect in every way; stunning location and bride. Your work is beautiful!

  5. Jayme Says:


  6. elena w Says:

    awesome!…. truly awesome!

  7. Katie shearer Says:

    I can only dream of getting a bride to be willing to even attempt these poses … someday I hope to be as good as you. You are an inspiration.

  8. Shannon Says:

    OMGoodness… I LOVE THEM! Once again, you’ve proved to be AMAZING! If you get “bored” around October, you know who to call first! HA! thank you Thank You THANK YOU!

  9. Elizabeth Says:

    Is she laying in water? These are incredible!!! I am in awe…..

  10. Maria Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me – these have GOT to win some sort of bridal photography award! Stunning and dreamlike – makes me want to break out my old wedding dress!

  11. cindy Says:

    what an awesome location… are those really water?

    wow, you did really great =)

  12. Michele Says:

    Yes…she is in a real creek (slimy algae and all). She was such a trooper and incredibly photogenic, too!

  13. Michele Says:

    anytime, Maria!

  14. Vinita Says:


  15. Jackie Hutchinson Says:

    Magazine cover model!!!!

  16. Dana Goodson Says:

    Love these!!!

  17. marta Says:

    Brilliant! All that needs to be said!

  18. Allison Petersen Says:

    Was this meant to be a trash the dress? These are beautiful, I can’t image any bride not wanting pictures like this. Love the music too… Oceans 11 by any chance?

  19. Jennifer Duffy Says:

    Just breath taking!! And inspirational…

  20. Erin Gonzalez Says:

    Fantastic!!! Those pictures are truly a work of art.

  21. kristi Says:

    you outdid yourself, Michele….careful now….you’ll get yourself into weddings :) ( what lucky couples they would be!!)

  22. Lucy Says:

    Amazing Colours! I continue to be in awe with your work Michele!

  23. Paula Dietz Rauber Says:

    The images on the water are just stunning!
    Just curious to know how the dress looked like afterwards!;-)

  24. Shannon Says:

    You don’t want to know, Paula… ;)

  25. Michele Says:

    but totally worth it, right?

  26. jessica marchetti Says:

    really dumb question, but whats the name of that song? what version is it? it sounds like the one from oceans 11?

  27. Linda Says:

    You took some WONDERFUL pictures of my beautiful princess. Thank you, I will cherish them as I do Shannon and highly recommend you for ANY sort of photos. Thank you so much.

  28. tanya Says:

    oh my word!! Drooling over these Michele. Award winning for sure!! You need to enter these into every contest out there. LOL! And WOW to the beautiful bride who “let you” be so creative. I LOVE those kinds of clients. ; )

  29. Shannon's Aunt Debby Says:

    It takes a truly wonderful photographer to bring out every breathtaking inch of a totally awesome woman! My niece has always
    been a beauty but you put it on film for the world to see! You should both get an award. Beautiful work! You look gorgeous Shannon!

  30. anita Says:

    truly gorgeous

  31. Britni Hearon Says:

    Sha, I have tears in my eyes. I’m completely speechless!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!

  32. kate Says:

    this is the most beautiful picture you’ve ever taken :]

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