PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: My brood ♥ Austin Children’s Photographer

Spending this Mother’s Day hanging out with my brood and couldn’t be happier.  Came inside to grab a Fresca, and now I’m heading back out. Hope all of you Mommies (and those who are practically Mommies) have an amazing day today!

Oh, and this–well, this had me in tears (both happy and wistful) this morning (from my middle child):

(Yes, that’s “Sexy Back” the song by JTL…my boys LOVE that song.)

19 Responses to “ PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: My brood ♥ Austin Children’s Photographer ”

  1. Rochelle Ax Says:

    That is super adorable! :) and isn’t every moms favorite chore to clean the fridge! lol– Happy mommys day! :)

  2. Michele Says:

    …while playing “Sexy Back.” That’s the key there, babe.

  3. Latina Says:

    So funny. Precious. Happy Mothers Day!!

  4. Christina Says:

    That is too cute (the questionnaire) … and Amry’s expression! Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. bridget Says:

    HILARIOUS! happy mom’s day!

  6. maria Says:

    hahahaha! Very very cute. A look at a child’s view of the adult world. :-) He knows you better than us!

  7. Brandi Says:

    SOoooo funny!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. amy Says:

    That survey is TOO CUTE!

  9. Lynn Says:

    Priceless! Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. kristi Says:

    heavy sigh from me here……….cherish these days , just the way you are. They are so swift

    Happy day, M!

  11. Sissel Says:

    This is adorable….damn, you are skinny.

  12. Rexine :o) Says:

    Too cute your boys are adorable!! And your daughter too :) handmade gifts are the most precious!! Happy Mother’s day!!

  13. Kelli Taylor Says:

    Oh my gosh! LOVE the photo and LOVE the answers! :)

  14. Juliet Says:

    Very cute and worth every pixel to capture this precious documentation.

  15. Emily Weaver Brown Says:

    That’s an awesome shot! And who would have ever known that your favorite thing to wear was princess clothes!

  16. Alana Couch Says:

    I LOVE that first photo!!! It would look wicked as a massive wall enlargement :)

  17. Kimberly Kyle Says:

    Oh goodness! That is totally a keeper…so funny!

  18. Nas Says:

    so sweet!

  19. Carrie Says:

    This is got to be the funniest, sweetest thing I’ve ever read! I laughed out loud at the “plays Sexy Back” haha. Adorable.

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