PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: Dainty ♥ Austin Newborn Photographer

I had such an enjoyable time proofing this session. She looked so peaceful and radiant in every single picture. Just a little angel.

Isn’t she just the cutest little bean, ever?

15 Responses to “ PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: Dainty ♥ Austin Newborn Photographer ”

  1. KIM Says:

    she is adorable!!!

  2. sarah anne Says:

    So adorable! And love the windows in the bedroom.

  3. shannon Says:

    so wonderful!!

  4. Allison Says:

    The whole session is beautiful! I’d love to know where that print came from.

  5. Jenni Says:

    oh, I just love your work!! i stalk your blog a lil too much! too bad you are so far away, i would love to display your art on my walls. one day we’ll travel to tx!

  6. Alex Says:

    love them all, beautiful set of images.

  7. Amber Says:

    LOVE the mermaid bedding! Beautiful as always Michele.

  8. Vinita Says:

    lovely images!my fav’s the last one…sooo cute!

  9. Kristy Says:

    Thank you, Michele!! We love them all. You captured her personality perfectly. I can’t wait to put these all over our walls! xoxo

    For Allison, the print is from KokoStudios on Etsy.

  10. jessica leigh Says:

    i think you know i think you’re awesome. you’re in my top 4 favs of all time. . .

    anyways. i COMPLETELY stole an idea from you and just posted it on my blog, so i wanted to tell you that!!!

    i hope you and your little ones are good!!! they are beautiful!!!

  11. Amanda Ayling Says:

    Beautiful work, very inspiring.

  12. Lesley Says:

    Wow, awesome! Love the shot with the frame in it…lovely words of inspiration! :)

  13. Rexine :o) Says:

    Your work is amazing and what a beautiful bundle of joy to photograph! I just love the Bob Marley “every little thing is going to be alright” picture too :)

  14. Veronica Says:

    What BEAUTIFUL pictures. Isa is so beautiful. I can’t wait to meet her. Love you! V

  15. Heather Stokes Says:

    These are all amazing but the very last one is my VERY favorite!!!

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