PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: all is not rosy. ♥ Austin Baby Photographer

Feeling a little melancholy tonight.  I need to talk. Mind if I share something a little more personal on here? Having successfully nursed two other children into toddlerhood, I’ve carried on that streak to number 3. I love nursing. I’ve never had any problems in doing so.  It’s just been second nature.  It came easily. I’ve never had any issues with supply.

But as I’m sitting here trying to type this out, my daughter is wailing in her swing and to be quite honest, I’m about to break down with her. About a month ago, I made a huge mistake that has put my current nursing relationship at serious risk. I started back on the pill (Loestrin). I was told that there was a *very* small chance that it could affect my milk supply, but because we had a well established relationship, it was very unlikely.  I was on the pill for a week when I noticed the change. My supply had almost vanished completely. Of course, I immediately stopped taking the pill and began a vigorous regimen to try and build my supply back up to where it was just a few short weeks ago.  Fenugreek, oatmeal, pumping, frequent nursing.  I am trying everything, but every afternoon at around 4 p.m., the witching hours begin. She tries to nurse, but if it doesn’t let down fast enough, she gets frustrated. And then eventually, she works herself into a frenzy and I can’t do anything to ease her irritation. I can’t comfort her. I can’t put her down. I suppose I could have my husband give her a bottle, but I really don’t want to do that. I guess she could start on cereal, but I just don’t think she’s ready.

I feel like I’ve always done everything right when it came to nursing my babies, but this time, I am really struggling.  My evenings have become one long battle during a time when I really need to catch up on work so I can devote the daytime to my boys.   I’m not a first-time mother. She’s been nursing (and well) for more than 4 months. Heck, I’ve always been the one to give advice to other moms who’ve had a rough go at nursing. I don’t understand how this has happened.  I don’t know how to fix it. I feel like I’m failing her. I’m so disappointed in myself. I’m frustrated and tired and embarrassed. I miss those days when my sweet baby girl was always rosy.

[ETA: I keep reading this and all of your comments over and over again. It’s helping. Thank you.]

[ETA again: problem solved!]

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  1. Sandra Harris Says:

    I feel your pain and went through this with Christian and Leah. Finally with Emmie my breasts figured out what they were put here for! (In spite of what Wayne may think, lol!) Fenugreek never worked for me, nor did the blessed thistle or mother’s milk or whatever other herbs I tried. However my doc prescribed a drug that is normally for reflux but the side effect is increased milk production and it increased about 7 fold! It’s called Domperidone and was shortly thereafter outlawed in the US due to some very bad research. The drug is totally safe and after that I started mail ordering it from Canada (yes, I realize now that that is illegal:( Do some research, it may be back – who knows. There is another drug that does the same thing, Reglan, but it has nasty side effects so I don’t recommend that one. I spoke to many lactation consultants about the Domperidone and it is very safe and effective and highly recommended by that field! Good luck sister, I’ll be thinkin about ya :)

  2. Jack Kaye Says:

    Hang in there Michelle! I’m not a mom but I’ve heard all the heartbreaking stories from my relatives and friends. I know you feel like you’re letting your baby down but you’re really not! Just by looking at your photos anyone can tell that you do more for your kids than just giving them breastmilk you give them a safe and happy environment to grow up in, you make sure they feel loved and that’s ten times more important than anything else they could get from you. You’re doing your best and that’s what matters, the fact they you are sharing this story just shows how much you care for your baby. I hope everything works out for you! Good luck :)

  3. surya Says:

    i had a similar experience with my daughter (my second) – i found that once she was at the freaked out place from my slow let down/small supply getting her even close to my chest made it worse. something that worked for me was a bait and switch of sorts…calming her with a pacifier (swaddling), or getting her to sleep – and once she was relaxed enough, nearly asleep making the switch back onto my boob or just trying again once she woke. I also found talking to a lactation consultant really helpful. Other big factors were being emotional about it – once I got to a place where i accepted that she was different from my son, her needs were different, her style of eating different and that she was doing okay despite our challenges things seemed to improve. finding my happy again and working out were a big part of that too – i.e., stress reduction, diet and drinking lots of water and mother milk tea. hope things get back on track soon.

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  5. johanna Says:

    I’m sorry I was away when you posted this and I haven’t read through all the comments and don’t know your current status – that said, I have a good friend that is a lactation consultant, but more important a wonderful caring person that would be more than willing to help, if possible. Please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with her. I hope right now, everything is going wonderfully and you’re nursing your beautiful baby girl again like you want to be doing…

  6. karri (thewebcat) Says:

    When my son was 7 weeks old, my appendix burst and I had to be hospitalized for 7 days. During that time I was being given so many drugs that I could not nurse. Needless to say, my supply was nearly gone when I got home. On the bright side – it DID return. The best thing I found was spending as much time SKIN to SKIN with the baby… hang in there and do supplement if/when needed. It won’t hurt anything. Two other recommendations by Lactation consultants to boost supply were tea and beer. If nothing else each would help you relax! ;-) Good luck! and big hugs!

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