PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: Date Night (Austin Kids Photographer)

I was escorted by two *very* handsome gentlemen the other day to an evening of food, fun, and lasers.  Ladies, prepare to be jealous:




(Can’t even begin to tell you just how difficult it is to drive a boat, hold camera and focus with one hand, AND try to keep an eye on two kids at the same time.  I won’t be doing that again.)


(Just moments before my 24-70 took a direct hit.  Ooops.)


Eat your heart out, Tiger.





It cracked me up how these two– having never seen laser tag in their lives and barely able to walk in those big vests– slipped into boy mode within seconds of entering the arena:

“Captain, do you read me?”

“Yes, I copy. We need to find the aliens. Let’s get ’em.”

“Roger, roger.”

I was so totally out of my element (I probably didn’t even get this conversation right).  But wow, what a rush to get to do such boy things with my little guys.  With little Miss A taking up most of my time, we haven’t been able to play like that in quite a while. I was honored they let me into their little world.

Totally off topic, I was visited by a little angel the other day.  This was from a year ago.  And here she is today:


So, you can totally understand why my camera jumped up and attacked her the second she came through the door. ;-) Thanks for the visit, sweet J.

4 Responses to “ PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: Date Night (Austin Kids Photographer) ”

  1. Sam Says:

    Amazing as ever, M! Thanks for sharing V and L with us today! I had so much fun with your little man…V too. :) L told me, by the way, to “Take that outta yo nose!” (referring to my nose stud) when I picked him up for a goodbye hug. I miss seeing y’all. Maybe one day, the girls will be able to join us for our HDE reunion! XOXO

  2. Beth Says:

    Michele – looks like such a fun time with your little men :o) Boys are so funny with laser tag! Mine was the same way the first time he went. And wow I would never know that was the same little one – what a sweetie!!! Time really flies because I remember that image like yesterday.

  3. Juliet Says:

    I’m so happy to see you were able to get out and spend some quality time with the boys, even if your camera couldn’t leave your eyeball. I see you got my baby D up. So cute, but everyone is cute when you shoot them.

  4. Jen Stewart Says:

    Oh my, the first thing I thought with the photo on the bumper boat was how the heck you held on, and got the photo! haha

    And the conversation between the boys had me cracking up. Have 3 boys (and a baby girl) I can SO relate! The “Roger, Roger” I recognize from our boys favorite game Star Wars Legos. :)

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