PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: mini me (Austin Kids Photographer)

My mom drove in today to help out for a bit. She brought my baby picture with her. No doubt this child is my daughter:


15 Responses to “ PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: mini me (Austin Kids Photographer) ”

  1. Aunt Nini Says:

    All I have to say is…WOW!!!

  2. Tasha Says:

    aww.. maybe there is hope of a kid that looks like me too then. maybe it is a 3rd thing???

  3. The Bossy Yankee Says:

    She is definitly your look alike.

  4. Sabrena Says:

    AAWWW i just love this whole picture!!! she looks JUST like you

  5. laurel Says:

    I’m expecting me 4th next summer… the anxiety of this big step just set in this week, until I saw this. Brought me back to the miracle it is to be able to be a mom. The serenity in a newborn is something to treasure. You’re taking such good care of her as I see she’s filling out. So sweet.

  6. meredith Says:

    oh my goodness! she looks JUST LIKE YOU! incredibly precious.

  7. Tina V. Says:

    Oh my…she is yours! She looks just like you. So beautiful!!!

  8. Aseel Says:

    wow…that’s amazing!!!

  9. janelle mullan Says:

    oh my gosh! i thought it was a picture of amry at first!! wow, that is just so incredibly neat!

  10. Jessica Says:

    That is incredible. She really looks EXACTLY like your baby picture! She is beautiful.

  11. Stacy Says:

    ahhh yeah…no home birth mix up here… Isn’t it the strangest yet best thing ever!

  12. Carrie Says:

    What an amazing photo!! You’ll cherish having that comparison for years to come…

  13. Gemma Higgins-Sears Says:

    wow, that is the most incredible likeness I’ve ever seen… and I thought my son was a mini me…

  14. Sandra Harris Says:

    And I thought my kiddos weirdly looked like me…..Mmmmmm?

  15. bridget Says:

    M – it’s a duplicate and what a cool shot to commemorate this moment!!! I feel the same way with J. I look at her sometimes and feel like I am looking in the mirror (except for her daddy’s dark head of hair!!!)

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