PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: Sassitude (Austin Child Photographer)


When this is one of the first images you take, you KNOW it’s going to be an awesome session! I must say, we didn’t get off to a good start as this little angel got a bit carsick making the trip into downtown. Poor baby. She was such a good sport and after she recovered a bit, she was a real trooper.


Isn’t the whole family just so stunning?



So diggin’ this one.







Hence, the title of my post.

This isn’t their first appearance on the blog, either. This is from a year ago. But what a difference a year makes! You wouldn’t believe how hard we had to work to keep Miss Sassafrass in front of the camera last year, but this time around, she just worked it like crazy!

Thanks so much S & R for coming down today. It was wonderful to see you all again!!!

26 Responses to “ PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: Sassitude (Austin Child Photographer) ”

  1. sarah Says:

    she’s gorgeous…. great shots!

  2. Amy Martin Says:

    WOW that first picture is so beautiful! what a pretty little girl!

  3. Alexandra Says:

    Amazing catchlights! I love the variety of shots. Great job!!

  4. Danielle Says:

    Amazing session! You really rocked it… as always. I’m still amazed at your perspective in some of these… I know how hard it is to get down on the ground late in your pregnancy… Kuddos!

  5. michelle m. Says:

    OH. WOW!!

    what an amazing session!

  6. Lilia Says:

    Awww, Michele – these are really lovely images – such wonderful emotion and color!!! You (not to mention your amazing subjects) ROCK!

  7. T.C. Says:

    My goodness, every single one of them is a work of art in my eyes. Beautiful!

  8. Petra Says:

    awesome session! :)

  9. Vanessa Says:

    These are amazing. I assumed she was a child model. Her facial expressions are adorable! Great work Michelle!

  10. Kristi Says:

    Oh, Michele, I recognized her immediately from last year…loved her then. She is so adorable, and mom and dad, wow…what a great looking family. I love the image of the three of them sitting on the steps. Great color, great locations, they will be so very pleased! And I have to say….I am so glad to see the tutu! Looks as fabulous as I thought (my brown one never arrived :( )

  11. Ashley Says:

    Gorgeous images, Michele. You really rocked this! I love the urban feel and the little girl is adorable. But I also love the image of the parents! They look fantastic and so happy. Way to go….again!

  12. Lisa Lenderink Says:

    WOWZER~ Great job! They are beautiful.

  13. summer Says:

    one of your best yet, michele! definitely a fave session! wonderful job capturing this family. i would be thrilled with these images alone – cant believe this is just a peek!

  14. Jennifer Says:

    what a beautiful family and a gorgeous little girl!

  15. Shannon McLauchlan Says:

    LOVE these! My Favs are the closeups- esp the BW.

  16. Stacy Says:

    Michele what a stunning little girl you captured her perfectly. That family is gorgeous! Just lovely….

  17. Cathy aka Mee Maw Says:

    This beautful young lady needs to be in modeling. What a dollbaby! Michele – you outdid yourself – these pics are breathtaking. In fact, if there was an academy award for outstanding photography – you would win it hands down!

  18. elizabeth Says:

    WOW these are gorgeous.. wonderful work.

  19. anita Says:

    amazing shots! i love them all!

  20. chantelle Says:

    wow what an awesome session!!! looks like a lot of fun, I love them!

  21. Kris Leigh Says:

    Now THAT is one gorgeous family and sassitude is right! I adore these Michele and as usual you did an amazing job! :-)

  22. Petra Says:

    Simply stunning!!!

  23. beverly Says:

    that little girl is SO gorgeous!!!

  24. Kristin Says:

    incredible shots! i’m completely envious…

  25. Sandra Harris Says:

    I think I’ve said this before, but WOWsa! This girl is B-E-A-Utiful! Her parents better invest in a shotgun real soon. lol! Fantastic work as usual :)

  26. ali Says:

    my Lawd she’s like a supermodel or something! I love the wardrobe too! Dude…you rock!!!

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