PINKLE TOES PHOTOGRAPHY: Happiness gives strength (Austin Family Photographer)


Okay, I did not sleep at all last night.  I was SOOOOOOOOO nervous because this morning, I was scheduled to photograph a photographer’s family.  I’ve never done that before.  Words cannot even describe how scary that is.  It’s worth it because if all goes well, this very talented lady will be photographing our upcoming birth.  While, I’m still skeered to post these sneak peeks, I will say that meeting Lyndsay and her BEAUTIFUL family put me instantly at ease.  Down to earth, comfortable, happy, and so close – they have been through so much as a family that has given them a bond that just glows!





Um yeah. He’s ADORABLE!


So excited mom wanted to do this!



Mom described her as a spitfire.  Amen to that, but what a doll! I don’t know why, but I just loved her wispys here.l6t

This young man is something special. Already an award-winning photographer and he is the most amazing big brother to his younger siblings.  Incredibly confident and mature, he is.


L & J – you two have such a fun, close, comfortable relationship. I love how you can laugh together at your own private jokes creating a world of your own…even in an alley.  Thank you so much for letting me play today.  I hope you’ll be okay with these and I can’t wait to see how you capture our birth, L!!!!

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  1. Beth Says:

    Wow – what an awesome job you did!!! I am sure she will LOVE these. The first thing I noticed was the little miss personality, LOL – you captured her so well :) Love the one of the baby on the ground, the kids with the blue building, older bro and his camera, mom and dad sharing a moment in the alley – your rocked it! Really really wonderful!

  2. Tina Says:

    OM-Gosh! These are gorgeous Michelle! I love Lyndsay’s work and have been following her for years. When she recently blogged about being photographed soon by a fellow photog, I had no idea it was you and then when I saw your post, I was like….it’s Lyndsay! lol The one of her and her hubby in the ally is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Stacy Says:

    As always they look amazing. I’m sure she will love them. You look to be pretty low in some of these I hope the little guy got some “getting the shot” captures. hee hee.

  4. kristi Says:

    Michele…fresh off of a family of five photo session of my own last evening…..I can’t tell you how much I adore these. So fresh and fun and, yes, the family connections are so evident! Well done

  5. MC Says:

    Gorgeous. I love the connections you captured- and talk about eye contact from that little cutie. Is he ever not looking at the camera? Great great shots for an amazing family!

  6. Valeria Says:

    The pictures are beautiful. I follow Lindsay’s blog and it is nice to see her in front of the camera.

  7. lyndsay Says:

    OMG – I am in tears right now! I LOVE THEM. Every single one. I can’t believe that is MY family….you captured us perfectly….and I am even in them, which is so, so rare. What a wonderful gift. Teagan with the mohawk – exactly what I had in my mind! That bad boy is getting blown up BIG! The ones of Ty brought tears to my eyes, him with his camera, just perfect. I love the alley shot of Jason and I, love it, it is so us, that one will be blown up too! I seriously love them all, nervous smervish, you did AMAZING!

    And you are such a trooper for the alley shot of us all over you….7 months pregant, laying in an alley….pretty sure the security guard thought we were either a) birthing that baby or b) totally crazy LOL!

    Thank you Michele, I can’t thank you enough, I will treasure these always!


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  9. Jessica Wright Says:

    Amazing shots, wonderful job!

  10. brianne brose Says:

    Holy WOW…these are amazing and you have completely captured them perfectly. I know how important this was to Lyndsay and I can only imagine how excited she is with the results. You rock and I am sure these means the world to them! That alley shot of Lyndsay and Jason in the alley is FANTASTIC. :) Wonderful work!

  11. manon Says:

    these pictures are just great. I actually went here thru lyndsays page. But just because I read her blog before yours. I totally love your work. I totally love how you captured them. Great.

  12. Mary Carstens Says:

    I LOVE these shots. All of them. Lyndsay’s family is so adorable; it makes me want to have 3 kids. The colors and the comps are amazing and you definitely caught some amazing + special moments. Fantastic.

  13. andrea Says:

    These are fantastic! You really captured not only each of their individual personalities, but the way they connect with each other. The last picture of L & J is my absolute favorite. You did a fabulous job!!

  14. Shey Says:

    wow!! These are gorgeous – that last one in the alley is my favorite…..I LOVE THIS!!!!!! All of these are great!

  15. Crista Says:

    These are amazing! I absolutely adore the one of J &L in the alley laughing, and the individual shots of the kids are incredible. Gorgeous work!

  16. Corine Tran Says:

    These are fabulous! Beautiful family and captured so well!

  17. Scarlett Says:

    GORGEOUS!! L, that one of you guys laughing in the alley is fantastic!! I love every single shot! Amazing, wonderful, fantastic session!!!

  18. Jenn Galloway Says:

    These are just stunning! There is absolutely no way they will not be blown away, great, great work!

  19. Rachael Says:

    What a beautiful family! BEAUTIFUL locations! I love every single one of these!

  20. Nicole D. Says:

    Those ones in the alley are just to die for. You are so talented and I’m loving the emotion and personalities you captured in each of these shots.

  21. Shana-Lynn Says:

    Beautiful job capturing this family!!

  22. lyndsay Says:

    M – I forgot to add that I thumbed through Ty’s pics from yesterday and he totally caught one of you chimping Haha! I’ll send it to ya :)

  23. Anonymous Says:

    So beautiful…I am such a huge fan of both of you, so I am not one bit surprised that every single pic took my breath away…fantastic shots!

  24. Michele Says:

    Chimp? Moi? NEVER!

  25. Sara Says:

    Amazing as usual!!!! you have NO need to worry, your so awesome!! :) love the studmuffin, you captured this family PERFECTLY!!!

  26. Brigit Says:

    Wow, Lyndsay was right, you did a fantastic job with this shoot. Your style is beautiful and I just love the angles and creativity you exhibit in your photographs. Beautiful.

  27. jeannine Says:

    that last one of you and hubs is AH_mAZE-inG!!!! :)

  28. Jeannette Chirinos Gold Says:

    Beautiful job, wonderful pictures as always!!!!!!!!

  29. Jennifer Says:

    These are great!!! Lyndsay has a beautiful family! Excellent job!

  30. emily Says:

    are you kidding!?! you are a fantastic photographer with a very creative eye. This photographer would be super excited to have you photograph her family any time – if you lived just a little closer to Michigan that is! seriously though – fabulous work!

  31. Kimberly Kyle Says:

    Awesome! I am booking a flight out there for pics right now. ;-)

  32. alpana Says:

    Amazing! This is one of my fave sessions from you. The fish eye shots are just so cool!

  33. Elizabeth H. Says:

    You must tell me where you find those crazy walls! Especially the blue tile….puh-lease? :)

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