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Warning: Snapshot Alert!
Before you go any further, please know that even photographers get tired of taking pictures and can feel too much pressure to perform…even on family vacations. These aren’t masterpieces, that’s for sure, and the quality is horrid, but I think they will serve their purpose of preserving some wonderful memories.


We were fortunate enough to escape to the San Antonio Riverwalk for a few days of some *much needed* recooperation and family time before the hubs goes back to school. I intentionally did not take Big Bertha (the 5D) and instead, dusted off the old Rebel XT. Kind of a mistake, but in a way, it was good for me to NOT feel like I had to capture every single beautiful moment/thing on camera. I took a few snapshots, battery died, and that was that. So, here is how we spent the last few days of our summer vacation. (I just LOVED watching the boys clutch their little suitcases in the hotel lobby. They were so into it!)



Checking out the view from the 14th floor.

Within the first 5 minutes of arriving, we had a potentially major disaster: T dropped his prized marble off the balcony. We watched it in slow motion, PRAYING it didn’t hit someone in the head. Whoa, that was scary!


Dad talking consoling his son who had just “lost his marble.”



Here I am in all my hugeness. This dress has pretty much become my uniform.


Our morning walks on the Riverwalk were magical. What a beautiful gem hidden in the heart of Texas.



Life is SO tough when you’re two.


My absolute favorite picture from the trip. I was bound and determined we were going to sleep in one morning, order room service, and watch cartoons. Room service was such a forbidden and a very rare treat growing up (not like we traveled a lot and I had it maybe twice?) but I desperately wanted my kids to experience it. And we did. And it was a blast!

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  1. Katie Says:

    Micheleee!!! San Antonio?!! I love the’s so pretty at night! I was just there like two days ago with my friends..maybe we were there at the same time :] Anyway, it looks like the boys had fun!!

    Crazy because I’m in Austin right now…we switched places I think!

    I hope you’re doing well!!!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Gosh…that reminds me of the Park Hyatt days. I am so glad your boys got to experience a fun weekend in San Antone and glad to hear you all had a great family vacation. You deserved a lil’ R&R with your boys.

  3. Rachael Says:

    No fair. Even the snapshots you take when you’re not trying are awesome. Looks like you had a wonderful time!!

  4. Latina Says:

    We ARE our own worst critic…the vacay pix r AWESOME! And I wish I looked that great preggo. LOVE the shots. Especially the “Lost the marble” one…great play on the term. lol.

    LOVE the river walk photo’s, I haven’t been back there since basic training. Now I want to go back.

  5. meredith Says:

    these pictures are great, and even better that we know you took them in “mommy mode” not “pinkletoes mode” — your boys are beautiful and your belly is precious!

  6. Scott Stater Says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I totally get what you’re saying about self-inflicted pressure to capture everything with a perfect shot. We just had a bday party for my daughter and I think I took a total of 5 pictures, but I don’t really regret it. I may have to dust off the old point-and-click!

  7. Jessica Says:

    Michelle-you are an absolutely adorable! It looks like a great trip to San Antonio. I love visiting the riverwalk.

  8. kristi Says:

    ‘lost his marble’…… are just hilarious! What a great trip. And the room service. Look out because mine experienced it once, and now they think it is pretty much standard, and ask every time we travel. Once they even ordered it on their own, but only got toast ($15 service charge, $15 toast charge….they were baffled, ha!) Expensive toast. Great images, and you look wonderful!

  9. Jenny Hintze Says:

    Cute. It’s nice to know that other photographers just want to take snapshots sometimes too. A lot of times with my kids it’s either the cheapo “nifty fifty” or nothing. I don’t even own a point and shoot anymore. Those boys look just alike. I can never tell which one is which. Glad you had a good rest. Bet it was HOT!

  10. Jennifer Says:

    these are absolutely beautiful, that is some of the best work is when you dont try at all and are just taking pics, because that is true beautiful memories! You look so adorable!

  11. Cheryl Johnson Says:

    sometimes you just have to experience rather than capture the perfect image – looks like you’re all having a great time

  12. Kim Says:

    I loved the “warning”, like you take snapshots anyway. ;-) Totally know what you mean though. It’s almost like you HAVE to post the warning just so people know you were on vacation too.

    The photos are wonderful, I hear SA if beautiful! I think I was clutching to my pillow as I read the marble portion. OMG, could you image!!!!

  13. Julie Says:

    What a precious shot! I love it!

  14. Laurie Mire Says:

    Love these! I am glad to see I am not the only mom following around my kids on vacation documenting every moment. My boys are 10, 8 and 4 and they love to get the photo albums out and look at the images. You most definently are preserving something wonderful for you and your husband….and for your boys!

  15. Jen Stewart Says:

    Thanks for sharing your family vacation and “snapshots”!!! I totally know what you mean, and was even thinking about the same thing last night. I realized that I don’t have as many photos of our youngest Bella (10 months) playing with her brothers, snuggling mommy, playing with daddy, etc. because Chris and both have gotten so caught up in the pressure as photographers, to produce “beautiful” photos. Thanks for the reminder!!

    BTW, LOVE the room service photo!!!! Looks like heaven!

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