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You may have noticed a push to go greener with my business over the last several months. From moving into digital files and online proofing (less travel, less pollution, less paper) to creating online brochures and info packets to trying to reduce the amount of printing/paper I use in general—well, I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy talkin’, but I sure like the idea of cleaning up this place just a little bit more. I’m not claiming that I’m going to save the world here with just little ol’ me, but they always say every little bit helps, right? 

Now, I’m thrilled to introduce my new *pink*green bags. (I’m such a geek!) Instead of packaging your CD’s and products in paper or plastic bags that typically get tossed, I will be delivering your Pinkle treats in these nifty little reuseable *pink*green bags. I’ve recently gotten into the habit of using green bags myself and I just LOVE it.

Want more?
Of course, I had to invest in a large number of bags and I don’t think I’m going to need them all. So, if you’re in the Austin area and would like some of these cool *pink*green bags, you can nab a set of 5 for $10 + tax (free shipping). To all my previous clients: I’ll add in an extra free bag with your order. This is less than cost, but I don’t care. I want these to see some use!

A contest!
And, to help get you into the habit of using these bags, I propose a little deal:

1. If I see you out in public USING your *pink*green bag(s), I will waive the Creative Fee for an ’09 Pinkle Toes photo session.

2. Or, e-mail me a pic of you (or the kiddos or significant other) in a public place USING your *pink*green bag(s) and you’ll get $10 off an ’09 Pinkle Toes session for EACH *pink*green being used (up to $100).

Easy as pink pie.

A little tip: the trick is *remembering* to take the bags into the store with you. I started keeping mine in the passenger seat of my car. I rarely forget now.

Terms and Conditions
– offer and contest good through 12/31/08 OR while supplies last
– prizes valid 3/09-12/09
– prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash
– one photo entry per household
– one prize per household
– offer valid in Austin area only.

Please let me know if you have any questions and good luck to ya!

For fun
While we’re on the subject of pink, we should find out soon what we’re having…

16 Responses to “ pink is the new green | austin portrait photography ”

  1. Stacy Says:

    i’m hoping it’s Pink! Congrats on the bags Michele they are so YOU!

  2. Tanya Says:

    I LOVE your bags!! You are so smart!!

  3. Marina Says:

    i want one!!!!!

    love this idea and totally stealing it. i cant wait to deliver my wedding albums in them!

  4. anita Says:

    such an original and creative idea! i love it!

  5. Jeannette Chirinos Says:

    I hope is PINK. you need another girl to help you out with the bussines and get more pink

  6. leah g (d) Says:

    what a wonderful idea, and the bag looks great. i am working on being better with not using plastic, but i am always forgetting to take mine with me — and it doesn’t help that the hubby is constantly taking the “junk” out of our truck.

  7. JoAnn Hines Says:

    Love the bag. Just gave you a plug on Twitter.
    JoAnn Hines
    Packaging Diva
    All Packaging All Of The Time

  8. Jenifer Samaha Says:

    Love the bags!!!!!

  9. Kelli Says:

    GREAT IDEA!!! Love the bags!

  10. Sara Anthony Says:

    Grnious. Love this idea. I was just going to reorder my company boxes but would love to do this instead. Mind sharing what company you used?

  11. Sara Anthony Says:

    Genious…. is what I meant!

  12. Valeria Says:

    I just love them!!!! too bad I live in NJ. Your site is beutiful,

  13. stacey woods Says:

    adore this…. just to pieces!

  14. Jeanelle Says:

    Oh, what a fabulous idea!

  15. thea Says:

    What a fabulous and creative idea!!!


  16. Kirsten Says:

    FABULOUS idea and I think it’s so terrific that you are setting the “green” example for your clients. You are an inspiration!

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