JLo ain’t got nothin’ on this beautiful mama to be!  Isn’t she positively glowing????



A little experiment.  She was such a trooper.  Thanks so much, D!


So glad they asked me for this one!




Look out for the newborn pics next month.  (I can’t wait!)  Babies, babies everywhere!

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  1. Stacy Says:

    oh my she is gorgeous! I love the babies room! WOW Michele WOW

  2. Alex Says:

    to repeat WOW, beautiful shots, i’ll have to mail you to get tips and wow that nursery… when can i move in!!!!! ;) you just rock it every time.

  3. emily Says:

    Jaw dropping, just amazing. You are already one of my maternity session idols but girl you just blew this one out of the water. Just amazing! The shimmering one is fantastic, but the 4th from the bottom (kisses) oh man the lines are so beautiful. WOw on the whole thing lady.

  4. summer Says:

    Beautiful! Your use of light just amazes me! LOOOOVE that 3rd one!

  5. robyn Says:

    Holy guacamole – those are BEAUTIFUL!

  6. marta Says:

    Stunning…as usual!

  7. kristi Says:

    Michele….you outdid yourself on these….simply fabulous! I love all of them….I’ll bet they are going to want all of these images!! There is not a single one that I would want left on the ‘cutting ‘ room floor. These will be such treasures for them for so many years to come. Your work is just second to none…you should be so proud of the wonderful gifts you are giving all of these families who are lucky enough to book you. Well done, my friend!

  8. --cherry. Says:

    these are stunning michele!!

  9. tiffani Says:

    Gorgeous images! She is absolutely stunning!

  10. elizabeth Says:

    Just gorgeous images.. cant wait for the newborn session.

  11. Sandra Harris Says:

    This has to be one of the most beautiful couples you have ever photographed! She is gorgeous! Only 11 more days until our little guy is supposed to be here! I can’t wait :)

  12. Latina Says:

    She’s GORGEOUS! So r the shots!!!

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