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May 31st, 2008 , Posted in Anderson Family - My fam

Just a few shots from the afternoon. And, I just cannot believe how crazy big the belly is already. Oh, dear, it’s going to be a looooong summer.

Still can’t figure out how to fix the picture size. Grrrrrr….



May 27th, 2008 , Posted in Anderson Family - My fam, Random Ramblings, sneak peek

My mind is obviously all over the place tonight, so bear with me.

First, let me translate the above picture:

“Dear photographer,
It is cool how you turn people into aliens.”

You see, a couple of weeks ago, I went to my hubby’s elementary school where he teaches for career day. I wasn’t sure how I was going to talk about my “job” to hundreds of little 1st and 2nd graders, but they seemed to dig it. And as you can tell, they especially loved the part where I took a picture of some of the students and used some photoshop tricks to turn them into aliens. I think that’s my new tagline: “Pinkle Toes Photography: I turn people into aliens.”

These two images are from my kiddos’ preschool. It’s over now and I’m back to full-time mommy. I miss preschool ;-). But, my favorite thing to do at the school was drop off my eldest, then drop off my youngest, and as I was leaving, peek in the door at my eldest to watch him in his little world. He was also so into what he was doing. Whether playing with animals in shaving cream or sitting as close as he possibly could to his “girl friend,” he always looked like he was having the time of his life. My youngest often thought he was in his brother’s class.

Random pic from making breakfast this weekend. Love his undy butt. ;-)

Totally out. He is a sound snoozer, that’s for sure.

And last random rambling, notice the new look? I started to realize that my dark/black website was depressing me. It was just too serious and somber, I guess. How about a bit of bright pink to give things a little citrusy punch?

Side note: Ugh. I don’t know why my blog is acting funny with the images. Sorry they’re not big and splashy like I like them to be. Links are all wonky, too. Grrrrr…so frustrating!



May 24th, 2008 , Posted in Anderson Family - My fam


With this pregnancy, I became a slave to my cravings from the get-go.  One day, after I dropped the kids off at pre-school, I drove straight to the grocery store and bought everything needed to make eggs benedict.  I spent about an hour in the kitchen preparing the most incredible dish.  I thought it was so amazing, I even took a picture of it and I *almost* blogged it that day, but thought you all might think it pretty strange without knowing all the circumstances.  I devoured it.  It was the best meal ever.

It’s 2:16 a.m.

I want eggs benedict.

 I want it bad.

If I wasn’t so danged tired, I’d get in the car right now and go to IHOP.

Does IHOP deliver?


blue skies, baby.

May 19th, 2008 , Posted in Austin Maternity Photographer, sneak peek


It couldn’t have been a more BEAUTIFUL day in Austin even if we tried.  And then when you take this perfectly little baby belly and add in a beautiful little family, my goodness, what a treat!





Isn’t he the cutest little thing ever???!! Oh, I can’t wait to meet his baby brother or sister!




A, you’re beautiful and your family just glows with happiness.  I look forward to seeing how it grows over the year!



May 18th, 2008 , Posted in Austin Newborn Photographer, sneak peek


Well, she’s certainly the littlest miracle I’ve ever photographed.  She came into this world 8 weeks early and was able to come home this week at around 4.5 pounds.  She is so healthy and SO lovely.  She was quite the little model for us today.  This blanket is handmade by a group of volunteers who knit blankies for NICU babies.  I know her and her mommy will treasure it always.








I had to throw this one in here!  These two shots were literally taken seconds apart.  Glad we were quick enough to get the first one!

Oh, you might recognize this couple from almost 2 years ago.  They were one of my first clients!  I just love it when things come full circle like this.  Thanks, you three, for an amazing session today!


well, I have some news…

May 16th, 2008 , Posted in Austin Maternity Photographer


We’ve got a cupcake in the oven!

Yes, it’s true.  We will become a family of 5 (oh, wow, I can barely fathom) in late Nov/early Dec.  It was quite a shock to us as we were perfectly content with our 2 little boys, but I think it’s a cool surprise…especially for someone like me who is a Type A planner.  So, life is going to be a little different, but we are very excited.  I’m especially excited to have a new subject who won’t be able to run from my camera for at least a year ;-).

The morning sickness has knocked me for a loop this time around and I’m hoping for a reprieve sometime soon.  I figured finally coming clean would help me feel a little better about this crazy roller coaster.  My sincerest apologies for being a bit slower than usual in my e-mails and return phone calls to everyone.  Hopefully, I’ll turn the corner soon and get that burst of energy everyone promises in the 2nd trimester.   I will say that with a due date right at the peak of the holiday season, I’m definitely going to have to work something else out for fall/holiday sessions, so stay tuned until I figure out exactly what that will be ;-).  I can’t imagine rolling around on the ground like I like to do at 7-8 mos. pregnant.  Wouldn’t that be a hoot?????

On that note, I *am* in the market for a birth photographer (another planned homebirth) so if you’re an Austin photographer who’d like to spend a fun-filled day with us sometime in Dec, please give me a call.  I’d love to talk to you.

So, there you have it.  Thanks so much to all of my clients who’ve been oh-so-patient with me as I’ve fumbled my way through the morning sickness.  Oh, and thanks to my son’s pre-school teacher for the neat-o cupcake featured in the picture.  Would you believe it’s NOT real?  It’s soap/bath fizz????!!!!!!  She gifted several of these to me and I’ve been dying for a chance to blog them.  Thank you so much, sweetie!

 Okay, I’m off to bed now.  (What else is new?).  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


May 9th, 2008 , Posted in Austin Baby Photographer, Austin Family Photographer, Austin Kids Photographer, sneak peek


Really.  He was so easy-going and put up with pretty much anything.  6 mos. old and will probably be walking very soon (if he isn’t already).  Isn’t that painting super cool????!!!  When I saw it, I *knew* we had to use it somehow.



His big brother and big sister are sooooooooo good with him.  I was amazed!





And then…he actually went to sleep.  I told his mama this *never* happens to me on non-newborns.  Oh, we had a lot of fun with these sleepy poses.


And this was too adorable not to post. ;-)

 I’ve been a posting fool as of late, but now, I get a short break in sessions (whew!).  So, I’m going to hide away and catch up on LOTS of proofing.  See you in a bit!


May 7th, 2008 , Posted in Austin Maternity Photographer


JLo ain’t got nothin’ on this beautiful mama to be!  Isn’t she positively glowing????



A little experiment.  She was such a trooper.  Thanks so much, D!


So glad they asked me for this one!




Look out for the newborn pics next month.  (I can’t wait!)  Babies, babies everywhere!


houston, she’s havin’ a baby.

May 4th, 2008 , Posted in Austin Maternity Photographer, sneak peek


I got to spend a little time with this ADORABLE couple yesterday doing maternity photographs in downtown Houston.  These two were so willing to try anything…



…even jumping into a water fountain in the middle of the city!





Thanks so much, you two!  I can’t wait to meet baby girl in just a few weeks!


back. kinda.

May 2nd, 2008 , Posted in Anderson Family - My fam, Austin Kids Photographer, sneak peek



I say “kinda” because tomorrow, I’m going out of town for a maternity session (and to pick up my kiddos whom I haven’t seen since Wed). I know I should be posting images from the photography workshop (and I *will* get to that eventually), but I also had the pleasure of meeting up with another Austin photographer today, Miss Autmn of Autumn Fawn Photography.  And let me tell you (well, you don’t need me to tell you because you can *see* it), her son is the most beautiful little child ever.  Just stunning, really.  (Helllooooo….mooooom…MODEL).  I just couldn’t help myself and had to play with a couple of these to post. 

To Miss Andrea of Pink Sugar Photography: SOOO glad I got to meet you!  Had a wonderful time, thanks for the visit, and I can’t wait to see where you take this business next.  Love ya!

Okay, I’ll be back soon…