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Featured in Austin Kidbits!

April 30th, 2008 , Posted in Anderson Family - My fam


So excited to see this little article on Pinkle Toes Birth Photography in Austin Kidbits this morning!  And a very Happy Belated Birthday to Baby C in the photo above (and in the Kidbit).  I can’t believe it was a little over year ago that you came into this world with lightning speed!!!! (Your mama was a champ!!!)


Just thank you.

April 29th, 2008 , Posted in sneak peek

I’m not sure you’ll ever quite know how much it means to me that you take the time to #1. Visit the blog and #2. Leave a comment or send me an e-mail.  I know we’re all so busy in our daily lives.  Thanks so much for carving out a little room for me and my camera every so often.

Side note: I’m taking a mini photography sabbatical this week.  My dear online friend Andrea with Pink Sugar Photography (prepare to be blown away) is coming all the way down from Canada for a visit.  We’re attending a photography workshop together this week, so I will be out of commission for a while.  I’ll respond to all of your e-mails, phone calls as soon as I recover. ;-)


prepare to say “awwwww…”

April 27th, 2008 , Posted in Austin Newborn Photographer, sneak peek


You did, didn’t you?  Out loud, too, I’m sure.  Because let me tell you, when I walked in and saw this beautiful little angel this morning, I’m pretty sure all I could say was, “Awwwwwwwwww!!!”


Her mama said she had red hair.  And when I got a peek, I literally gasped.



Her mama knows me so well.  She pulled out this fabric just for our visit today.



Magazine-worthy family.





I can’t say enough wonderful things about this session. Mom and dad and baby girl are completely at ease and comfortable with one another.  Just a beautiful family all around.  You’ll be seeing a lot more of Baby D in the year ahead (she’s one of my Baby’s First Year babies).  Can’t wait to see what happens with this red hair!



April 24th, 2008 , Posted in Anderson Family - My fam, Austin Kids Photographer


Okay, it’s no secret that my eldest has a little girl friend (notice the space between those two words) at preschool.  Well, we finally got the kiddos together today for a (play)date.  Mama L…I had a GREAT time today.  Oh, it so felt like we were vacationing in some beach cabana.  Just wanted to share a few cute snaps from today.






A manly sort of tea party (I promise, Honey).


Mama  L and her hubby are quite crafty.  They designed and constructed this awesome playscape themselves.


Dainty pinky.


Okay, what’s not to love about this one?


This is pre(play)date preparation.  T is making a card just for his little friend.  He got a little embarrassed when I asked him about it.  The boy actually showered and brushed his teeth and got dressed *on his own* for this event today.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.


because Real Simple said so!

April 23rd, 2008 , Posted in sneak peek

Saw this article from Real Simple on another photog’s blog, and thought I’d pass it along.  Hmmmm…what do you think? I wasn’t “in” to photography when my kids were born, but looking back, oh, how I wish I had some professional pictures taken of them as newborns.  Time passes too quickly and even though I thought I had a decent camera and some ability, my snapshots just don’t quite cut it.  I missed so many details.  Even more so, I wish I had even thought to have a photographer present at the births of my children.  My poor mom tried so hard, but she was too emotional and most of our pictures (and there are very few) are so blurry.  Makes me kinda sad to have missed capturing the two most miraculous days I’ve ever experienced.

Mar 3, 2008 5:08:00 PM
Note To Self
Get Professional Photos of Your Children

Professionalcamera2I’ve never forgotten an invaluable piece of advice that I heard from an older friend right after my first child was born. She told me, “One of my greatest regrets about my children’s childhoods was that I didn’t have more professional pictures taken.”“You didn’t take many pictures?” I asked.“I took tons of pictures,” she said, “but the fact is, professional photographs are so much better than even the best snapshots.”I absolutely agree—professional photos are better. And keeping her advice in mind, ever since my daughters were born, I’ve been zealous about getting their photos taken professionally at least once a year. While it’s a lot of fun (and also a pain) to take pictures myself, it’s terrific to have some pictures that are truly excellent. These photos don’t take the place of the on-the-spot pictures that I take myself—I still take scads of photos at birthday parties, first days of school, on the slide, with a popsicle—but these pictures memorialize my children’s childhoods in a different way.Plus they make great family gifts. I can never figure out a good present for the grandparents and great-grandparents, but they always love to get a really great photograph—especially the relatives who don’t often get a chance to see the girls in person.

Also, research shows that one way to boost your happiness is to reflect on happy times, and looking at photographs helps keep memories more vivid.

It’s a splurge, of course. Professional photos aren’t cheap.

However, I figure that the money I spend on these photographs will strengthen family bonds, enhance happy memories, and capture the fleeting moments of childhood. They give me more pleasure than practically any other purchases that I make. That strikes me as pretty good happiness bang for the buck.

A friend’s family had another great photography tradition. For her whole life, at every milestone, her parents took a picture of her and her brother sitting exactly the same way on their front stoop. It’s fascinating to see them change through the years. Along the same lines, the artist Nicholas Nixon took a photograph of his wife and her three sisters once a year for 33 years. The collection of these photographs, The Brown Sisters, is riveting.

Getting professional photos take is a great example of the tiresome fact that happiness takes thought and effort. These photographs are easy to arrange; in the scheme of things, not terribly expensive; contribute greatly to our family happiness—and yet it probably never would have occurred to me to do it if my friend hadn’t suggested it.

As seen on Ashley’s Blog ;-). 


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Okay, this is a little embarrassing for me, but I thought it might be fun for you to see some “behind the scenes” pics.  These were taken by the dad at this weekend’s family photo session.  As you can tell, we do whatever it takes to get the shot.  I’m not above having monkeys on my head.  (Note to self: even though they might be comfy and even though they have lots of pockets for lens caps, bubble makers, etc., those pants need to be trashed immediately).



Wanna know something sad?  I’m *forever* bonking kids in the head with my camera when it hangs from my neck like this.  I finally got smart and lowered the strap just a little.  I think we escaped this session with no injuries.


(Oh yeah.  The pants have definitely got to go.)


Speaking of pants, dad is a schmarty-pants!  I thought this shot was so clever!  Thanks, John, for sending these my way and letting me share them on the blog.


just being themselves

April 20th, 2008 , Posted in Austin Family Photographer, sneak peek


A family like this makes a photo session seem so effortless.  I love how they interact with one another.  I love how calm mom and dad are.  I love how adorable the kiddos are.  This was my first time getting to work with little man, but you might remember his parents and little sis










Thank you all for yet another amazing session!  I feel so fortunate to get to spend time with your family!



April 19th, 2008 , Posted in sneak peek


I cannot even tell you how much fun I had this afternoon!  There’s something so magical about a young, beautiful couple in love.  But it’s even better when they are playful enough to trust me when I said, “We’re going to start out in a laundromat.”  Kelley & Bobby – you did GREAT!  Goodness, look how adorable and in love you two look!



 This one just cracked me up!!!!  He was such a trooper!



Got a little steamy in the laundromat this afternoon.



I just loved her chic shoes and his manly boots.




April 11th, 2008 , Posted in Austin Kids Photographer, sneak peek



You may remember this little cutie from the bluebonnets a few weeks ago.  As promised, here are some pics from my second date with her.  It was a little touch and go for a bit there, but once I made a peace offering of Veggie Booty, Miss M and I were best friends.









April 4th, 2008 , Posted in Anderson Family - My fam


It was just the two of us today.  And it was lovely.


And I LOVE, love, love my little display I finally got to do for this wall. It makes me smile every time I pass by.