my little katie.


Finally, I was able to get together with my very talented mentee, Miss Katie, to do her Senior Portraits today.  We thought we were going to get rained out, but lucky for us, the weather held and we had a rockin’ time in the coolest little spot.  I’m definitely going to have to come back here again.  Doesn’t she look amazing????






She’s going to school to study music.  I have yet to hear her play though.  Katie….????




Be sure to visit her blog and see her amazing work!

Side note: what do you think of the new blog?  Still lots of things I need to tweak, but…I was just too excited to wait.  Oh, for whatever reason, you can’t leave comments on the homepage.  Hope to change that soon, but meanwhile, to comment, you actually have to click on the title of the blog post and the comment box will show up under the post.  I know you currently can’t see the text you’re typing in for e-mail…I’ve tried and tried to fix it, but I’m at a loss right now. Thanks and hope you like it! (Worked with Theresa for this blog layout).

13 Responses to “ my little katie. ”

  1. Erin Says:

    I love the new blog! The images look so good in a larger format! :)

  2. Step(paisleyPrints) Says:

    I Love the new blog, Your work is such an inspiration to me you have no idea! :o)

  3. Alex Says:

    Love the simplicity of the layout and page , you should design websites and blogs as a sideline. only comment can you change the text to white :) not easy typing black on black

  4. Anya Says:

    Dude, it totally rocks!!!! I am planning to do the same thing soon. I LOVE it!

    And Miss Kate, you look just gorgeous!!!!! And yeah, I can’t see what I am typing…LOL!

  5. Michele Says:

    Fixed the comment box!!!! Yippeee!!!!!!

  6. Beth Says:


    LOVE the new blog – it is you!!! The larger format pics rock and this session is beautiful. Love the flute ones too!

  7. Katie Says:

    OMGG michelle, I totally love these pictures. You are a genius times 2395725. Elgin is an awesome location already, but you made it look magical. Thank you sooo much for everything, and I’m really glad I finally got to do pictures with you! I can’t wait to see the rest!

    <3 Katie

    PS: the new blog format looks great :]

    PPS: my mom says to tell you that she loves the pics, too.

  8. olivestar Says:

    Wow, it looks great! The session and the blog. It must be the time of year. I am in queue to have mine done as well. I am just waiting on my turn in the list!
    And um….why haven’t you been on IM?????

  9. Angela Klocke Says:

    These are all so gorgeous, and your new blog is great!

  10. Helen Says:

    These pic’s are gorgeous… she’s one talented young lady… photographer, flute player & stunning too!

    The new blog looks fantastic… love how the picture’s are bigger…

  11. Caroline Says:

    Michelle, the new blog is AMAZING!!!
    What a wonderful series here. The ones where she plays the flute… completely fabulous. And i can see why this is your favorite location!

  12. Kristi Says:

    I love the lensbaby shots and the flute shots! Wow…these are good. Still shooting jpg? Your color is so good.

  13. Tyler Cleveland Says:

    I’m a fellow photographer (and friend) of Katie and I think it’s so cool that her senior pictures were done by her mentor! I always thought she would end up doing her own with a tripod and remote or something (they would have turned out great of course), but this is a really special session for both!

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